The Plessys

Jeannot Plessy, left; and David Plessy (via Facebook)

David Plessy's wife of 14 years was killed Tuesday night, run over by her own car after a stranger carjacked her in Gentilly.

Two days later, Plessy stood in front of the house he and Jeannot Plessy, 49, had been renovating, and pleaded for her killer to come forward.

"Only truth has freedom in it," said Plessy, a Christian pastor who said the carjacker's best chance at finding peace is to surrender to authorities and face the consequences of his acts.

"There's only one way out, and it begins with making a courageous choice to step outside the false comfort ... with whoever's harboring (you)," he said.

Meanwhile, New Orleans police continued to search for the man — or possibly boy — responsible for the deadly attack on Jeannot Plessy, which occurred as she picked up her preteen children who were being babysat by their adult sister.

A devout Christian herself, Jeannot Plessy had just returned from a preaching tour in American Samoa, and she had gone on a date with her husband earlier in the evening, David Plessy said.

The couple had taken separate cars, and Jeannot Plessy had gone to pick up two of their children in the 2400 block of Prentiss Avenue. She was carrying a package into the house when someone approached the car.

According to police, there was some sort of struggle. Jeannot Plessy was thrown to the ground, and her son-in-law tried to pull the attacker out of the car. However, the attacker put the car in reverse and ran over Plessy, mortally wounding her.

Police said they have recovered the car and are processing it for evidence. But they haven’t publicly identified anyone as a suspect.

David Plessy, 53, said he suspects his wife’s killer is exactly the kind of person the couple spent their marriage trying to guide in their faith.

He also believes she would forgive her killer. That’s what she did with anyone who hurt her, he said.

But Plessy said the only choice for his wife’s killer is to turn himself in to the police and face justice.

“It was an act of selfishness, desperation — and that cost us a great deal,” said Plessy, a pastor at Crossover Christian Fellowship.

He then looked toward the front of the home he and Jeannot were fixing up.

“She always joked that that’s the porch where our rocking chairs are going to go, are going to be as we grow old together and look out on all the goodness that God gave us,” he said. 

Anyone with information on Jeannot Plessy's killer is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111. Tipsters may be eligible for a cash reward. 

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