Natasha Manning stands by a memorial to her son, 26-year-old Arties Manning III, at the spot he was killed in an apartment complex in New Orleans, La. Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017. Manning allegedly aimed a gun at a plain clothes undercover police officer that was surveilling the complex for an armed robbery suspect Tuesday. The armed robbery suspect was arrested on the scene and it is unclear of Manning, who has no previous arrest record, was connected to the surveillance.

The New Orleans Police Department confirmed Friday that the officer who fatally shot a man inside a New Orleans East apartment complex last month is Terrance Hilliard, a seven-year NOPD veteran.

The New Orleans Advocate named Hilliard shortly after the Jan. 24 incident at the Carriage House apartment complex, which resulted in the death of Arties Manning III, 26.

But in a break from its recent practice, the Police Department waited more than two weeks to confirm the officer's identity. 

The department has identified other officers involved in recent fatal shootings within hours or days. Beau Tidwell, a spokesman for the NOPD, declined to comment on the reason for the delay this time.

"I can’t speak to what was done in the past," he said Friday. "I can only say that in this case I reached out to (the Public Integrity Bureau) and the information was made available today." 

Independent Police Monitor Susan Hutson said she believes the names of officers involved in shootings should always be made public, unless there is a credible threat to their safety.

"I am not aware of any issues, nor have I been made aware of any issues" in the Manning shooting, Hutson said.

Hilliard was working in plainclothes as he and other members of the NOPD's armed robbery task force, known as TIGER, lay in wait to nab an armed robbery suspect at the apartment complex.

Police said in their initial description of the incident that Manning and another man, Harry Palmore, started to flee. Manning pointed a gun at Hilliard before the officer opened fire, according to the police report.

Palmore was arrested on the scene and booked on multiple counts of armed robbery. But police have yet to clarify whether they still believe that Manning, too, was involved in the armed robberies that spurred the investigation.

Manning's mother said she believes her son, who lived elsewhere in the apartment complex, was not involved in the robberies. Online court records show no criminal history for Manning.

"How did he end up getting associated with the people they were looking for? I’m just not feeling I’ve heard enough about that," said Hutson, the city police monitor. "It’s important."

Hutson said her office is looking at the facts that Hilliard was in plainclothes and that he was working for the special armed robbery task force set up last year by Police Superintendent Michael Harrison.

"These TIGER teams, like other kinds of task forces, have an amazing amount of discretion," Hutson said. "What’s the supervision?"

Hilliard himself has been shot in the past. He stopped a man on a traffic violation in Algiers in 2011, according to news accounts at the time. Police said a passenger in a car who was wanted on a warrant shot Hilliard in the hand. Hilliard did not return fire.

He was honored as the 4th District officer of the year in 2011 by the Kiwanis Club of Algiers.

Personnel records show that Hilliard has been the subject of a handful of complaints from residents.

He was accused of unauthorized use of force in February 2012 and November 2012, although further details were not available. Neither of the complaints was substantiated by the department's Public Integrity Bureau.

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