Miranda Marie Maloney

A woman believed to be connected to the recent robbery of a credit union and a bank in Slidell was caught by Gulfport Police while panhandling Saturday in Gulfport, Mississippi, according to a report in the Sun Herald

After responding to reported panhandling in the 2800 block of 25th Avenue in Gulfport, police identified the woman as 33-year-old Miranda Marie Maloney and discovered she was wanted for a bank robbery in Phoenix. The report said Maloney is wanted for bank robberies in Arizona, Alabama and Louisiana.

The Slidell Police Department connected Maloney to the recent robberies of the First Castle Credit Union and the Chase Bank  on Gause Boulevard in Slidell through a post on their Facebook page. 

"The serial bank robber has been caught!" the post said. "The Slidell police department will work very closely with federal authorities to ensure she is brought to justice for her robberies here in Slidell, but it is apparent she is definitely in a lot more trouble than just Slidell."

FBI agents assisted with Gulfport Police's arrest of Maloney.

Read The Sun Herald's full report here.