Gomez LaPlace

Javon Gomez, 34

A man from Reserve has been accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian on U.S. 61 in St. John the Baptist Parish on Nov. 26, according to state police.

Javon Gomez, 34, was arrested and booked into the St. John the Baptist Parish jail for the alleged hit-and-run death of Eugene Webber III, 32, in LaPlace. Webber was struck while walking across the left lane of U.S. 61 by a vehicle traveling in the northbound left lane. Webber died on the scene.

Louisiana State Police received help from residents, who identified Gomez's car as that of the description police offered.

Gomez faces counts of felony hit and run, fraudulent motor vehicle inspection sticker, displaying a switched license plate and no insurance. 

The details surrounding the crash remain under investigation.