JPSO chase

Image via WWL-TV

A woman accused of biting a Jefferson Parish deputy and leading officers on multiple car chases with her three young children inside her vehicle was arrested Thursday.

The chaotic events unfolded during a roughly four-hour span, kicking off at 2 a.m. Thursday when deputies were called to an east bank home by the woman’s husband. The husband told deputies he believed his wife was having a psychotic episode, Sheriff Joe Lopinto said, and when the woman saw the deputies approaching, she fled in a car.

Deputies caught up with the woman, who had her children — ages 4, 6 and 13 — with her inside the vehicle. The deputies tried to stop her, but Lopinto said the woman bit one of them and sped off.

The deputies gave chase briefly but broke off the pursuit because of concern for the children. A short while later, Harahan police spotted the woman's car and briefly pursued it but stopped the chase for the same reason.

At some point in the morning, authorities learned that the 4-year-old and 6-year-old had arrived at a hospital. Lopinto said the 6-year-old had been told to throw the 4-year-old out of the car and get out as well.

The 13-year-old child remained inside the car, which deputies spotted again later in the morning in the vicinity of Jefferson Highway and Riverdale Drive. The bizarre sequence of events finally came to an end about 6 a.m., when the woman rammed two of the deputies' cars before being boxed in. 

JPSO did not release the name of the woman, but jail records identified the woman arrested as Deborah Jackson.

No deputies were hurt, and Jackson and the teenage boy inside the vehicle were also unharmed. It was not immediately clear what injuries the younger children sustained, but they didn't appear to be serious.

The incident unfolded near the campus of a high school and middle school, but activities at the schools were not affected.

Jackson was taken into custody and booked on “a laundry list” of charges, said JPSO spokesman Lt. Jason Rivarde.

The counts included cruelty to a juvenile, child desertion, multiple counts of aggravated flight from an officer, multiple counts of aggravated criminal damage to property and multiple counts of battery on a police officer.

-This story was updated on Friday, Mar. 9 to include the arrested woman's name, obtained from online jail records.