Whit Allen

A Denver man in New Orleans for his 30th birthday ended up in the hospital Sunday after being knocked out on Canal Street, according to a WWL-TV report.

Whit Allen and his friends were near their hotel in the Central Business District when they saw a group of young people in a party bus heckling a homeless woman. The tourists shouted for the people in the bus to leave the woman alone, which led to the group stepping out of the bus and confronting them. 

Allen said he and his friends tried to walk away after exchanging words with the group, and that's when he was struck from behind -- knocking Allen out and causing him to fall on his face.

Allen described the damage he received from the attack as "extensive", saying he lost several teeth and his jaw was broken.

"When I fell into the concrete, all the teeth got pushed into my face," Allen told WWL-TV. There was, like, a hole completely through my lip and I had this big hole on my chin and there were stitches in my lip."

The report said Allen is back home in Denver, but his problems traveled back with him as he has months of doctors and dentists visits ahead of him to repair the damage.

The New Orleans Police Department said it has identified several possible suspects, and Allen said he feels good about the investigation after speaking with detectives.

"This type of violence is unacceptable and  will not be tolerated in the City of New Orleans," NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said. "I can assure the victims and public, the NOPD is working hard to identify and locate those responsible... and bring them to justice."

Read WWL-TV's full report here.

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