A Loomis armored truck worker was shot multiple times and killed near Campus Federal Bank on S. Galvez and Tulane Ave. in New Orleans, La. Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

The three men charged in the killing of a Loomis armored truck driver earlier this year have now been linked to the robbery of another armored truck at a Mid-City bank in 2015.

A federal grand jury in New Orleans on Thursday issued new charges against Armstead Kieffer, Jerome Kieffer and Deltoine Scott in connection with the armed robbery of a Brinks armored car in the parking lot of the Chase Bank at 1425 N. Broad St. in October 2015.

They were already charged with plotting the May 31 ambush that left Loomis employee James McBride, 33, dead outside the Campus Federal Credit Union on Tulane Avenue. 

Armstead Kieffer, 53, was arrested earlier this month. A nine-page criminal complaint accused him of helping his son, Jerome Kieffer, and Scott try to rob McBride's truck outside Campus Federal. Earlier, a grand jury had indicted Scott and Jerome Kieffer in that case. 

The superseding indictment Thursday added the allegations against all three in the 2015 holdup, in which no one was injured.

Scott and Jerome Kieffer are charged with using force, violence and intimidation and being armed with firearms during both the 2015 robbery and the 2017 attempted robbery. Both attacks happened as armored truck employees were servicing drive-through ATMs. 

The elder Kieffer is accused of serving as a lookout in the Campus Federal incident as well as accepting money he knew came from the 2015 heist. He is also accused of lying to a grand jury when he said he did not know his son's whereabouts on the day McBride was killed. 

All three men could face the death penalty if they are convicted of having a hand in McBride's death. The case was investigated by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's Office — agencies that investigate robberies at banks or other financial institutions — as well as the New Orleans Police Department. 

McBride and a co-worker were attacked by two masked gunmen about 4:30 p.m. May 31 near the ATMs outside the credit union. The co-worker, Kearan Dean, exchanged gunfire with the robbers, but McBride was killed.

The robbers fled in a distinctive black-and-white truck, authorities have said. It does not appear they got away with any money.

That night, New Orleans police stopped Scott's grandfather as he drove the suspected getaway truck, and he told them his grandson had borrowed the vehicle that day.

Authorities said they then established that Scott spoke on the phone with Jerome Kieffer as Scott drove the truck from New Orleans East — where Scott's grandfather lives — to Mid-City. Unspecified surveillance video footage also shows the truck following Jerome Kieffer's silver Infiniti in the hours ahead of the robbery, authorities have said.

Federal investigators said Scott and Jerome Kieffer, former McDonogh 35 High schoolmates, then met in a fourth-floor apartment with a view overlooking Campus Federal's ATMs. Kieffer had rented it a month before the shooting.

McBride was fatally shot a few hours later.

The federal criminal complaint against Armstead Kieffer accused him of speaking with his son just before the ambush. Further, it said, surveillance video shows a red Nissan Sentra linked to Armstead Kieffer was parked across the street from the ATMs prior to the holdup. The Sentra drove away shortly after the ambush.

Other court filings say that Jerome Kieffer was captured on video watching the Loomis employees service Campus Federal's ATMs on two occasions before McBride's killing.

Authorities jailed Scott in early June, and Jerome Kieffer was locked up the following month, after both he and Scott were indicted. 

Few details have been put on the record about exactly how the 2015 Brinks robbery was carried out or how authorities linked the Kieffers and Scott to that crime.

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