Screenshot via WWL-TV. 

After a man allegedly stole a taxi driver's phone in New Orleans' CBD early Wednesday morning, the driver took matters into his own hands. 

A wild surveillance video, obtained by WWL-TV, shows the tense scene as a man was fleeing on foot down Lafayette Street, and a taxi van sped toward him going the wrong way down the street. 

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As the man ducks into a side lot, the cab plows through orange cones and caution tape, and appears to bump the man -- who didn't appear to be hurt. 

After regaining his footing, the man takes off back down Lafayette Street, and the cab continues pursuit. 

WWL-TV's report said the cab eventually went the wrong way down St. Charles Avenue. 

An NOPD spokesman told WWL-TV the theft occurred after the cab driver handed the man his cell phone to use, and the man ran off with it. 

WWL said it had reached out to the city's Taxi Cab Commission to obtain the driver's name. 

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