Antonio Landrum

Antonio Landrum

Three U.S. Marines based in Algiers have been arrested after a Tulane University student and her friend reported being raped by multiple men at a home near the campus earlier this month, authorities said.

Lance Cpl. Alexander Davenport, 20, is accused of raping both the woman who lived at the home in the 6100 block of South Claiborne Avenue and her guest, according to court records. 

Pfc. Antonio Landrum, 18, is accused of raping the woman who lived at the home, records show. Lance Cpl. Jared Anderson, 18, is accused of raping the guest. 

The women were both intoxicated at a local bar the night of April 14 when they met Landrum, according to the records, which cite interviews with the women and two of the suspects. 

Court documents don't identify either victim, though officials have previously described one as a Tulane student. 

Landrum was at the bar with a group of a friends, and the women took an Uber ride home with him.

Accounts of what happened next differ widely.

The woman who lived at the home where the group ended up said Landrum raped both her and her guest.

He then called for a ride from his friends, including Davenport and Anderson, who went inside once they showed up, according to police. 

The resident said Davenport shoved his penis into her mouth and forced himself onto the guest, who later described passing out during the encounter. 

At some point, Anderson noticed the woman who lived there had grown upset. They left the room together, talked and had consensual sex elsewhere in the house, police said, citing the woman's version of events. 

The guest told police that before the other two men arrived, she and the resident woman both had consensual sex with Landrum at the same time, according to police.

While the guest said she eventually blacked out, she told police that other men later came into the room and forced her to have both oral sex and intercourse. 

Police spoke with Landrum and Anderson after the women reported the incident on April 15. 

The major difference in Landrum's account is that he claimed he completed sex only with the woman who lived at the home. He said he initiated sex with the guest but stopped a short time later, police said. 

As for Anderson, police allege that he admitted to having sex with the guest after finishing his encounter with the other woman. That statement appears to be incriminating because the guest said she consented to sex only with Landrum. 

Davenport didn’t make a statement, police said. But the woman who lived at the home picked him out of a photographic lineup as having attacked them both, police said. 

Police booked Davenport on Thursday on two counts of first-degree rape, which can involve using force to overcome a victim's resistance to sex.

They booked Anderson on one count of first-degree rape and Landrum on one count of third-degree rape, which usually occurs when participants are too intoxicated to legally give consent.

First-degree rape convictions in Louisiana carry mandatory life imprisonment. Third-degree rape can carry up to 25 years in prison but has no mandatory minimum. 

Davenport’s bail was set at $100,000 on Friday. Anderson’s bail was set at $50,000 and Landrum’s at $25,000.

Chief Warrant Officer Georgie Hernandez-McCloud said the three men are based at the Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans, which is headquartered in the Federal City section of Algiers.

Davenport belongs to the 4th Marine Logistics Group; Landrum and Anderson are with the Force Headquarters Group, Hernandez-McCloud said. 

Hernandez-McCloud said the Marine Corps is cooperating with investigators but couldn't comment beyond that.

A detective learned the suspects' names in part because Anderson and Landrum had used their phone numbers to send text messages to one of the women, the court documents show. 

The detective learned that Anderson and Landrum had also told their supervisor that a police report might have been filed against them.

All three men were seen at the bar on security camera footage, police said.

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