Handcuffs photographed Tuesday, December 26, 2017.

A man who was dropping off his date at her home in Westwego was attacked by the woman's ex-boyfriend, and ended up shooting the man and himself, police said.

Tristan Sarah Sr., 23, faces counts of aggravated burglary and aggravated battery in the attack, Westwego Police Department Lt. Eric Orlando said Friday. The man who fired the gun is considered the victim and is not accused of a crime, he said.

According to Orlando, the victim — who is also 23 — had gone to the 400 block of Vine Drive to drop off his date and was sitting in his truck when Sarah pulled open the driver’s side door and hit him in the back of the head.

Sarah, the woman’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her child, allegedly began fighting with the victim inside the truck. Fearing that he would be killed, the victim grabbed a pistol from between the driver’s seat and the truck’s center console and fired in self-defense, Orlando said.

The victim ended up shooting himself in one of his legs and a forearm. He then corrected his aim, fired again and hit Sarah in the right leg, causing the man to retreat to a nearby driveway, Orlando said.

First responders took both the victim and Sarah to a hospital for the treatment of non-life threatening injuries, according to Orlando.

Investigators interviewed the victim and his date, who both identified Sarah as the aggressor. Orlando said police will jail him when he is released from the hospital.

Sarah could face prison time if convicted.

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