Sandy Kaynor

Sandy Kaynor, via Facebook

The death this year of Sanford "Sandy" Kaynor Jr., an Uptown New Orleans attorney who was left paralyzed by a 2012 shooting outside his home on Camp Street, was a homicide, the New Orleans coroner said Thursday.

Kaynor, 58, died at home in April, six years after he was shot during an armed home invasion by members of the so-called Marley Gang, who then ransacked his house while his wife and daughter were inside. 

Bullets through his chest and back cut through Kaynor’s spine and left him in a wheelchair and also unable to speak.

Dr. Dwight McKenna, the Orleans Parish coroner, ruled that Kaynor died of complications from the shooting. 

But the District Attorney’s Office released a statement Thursday saying prosecutors will not pursue murder charges in the case. 

All of the perpetrators involved are serving lengthy prison sentences, and the DA's Office said that Kaynor's widow, Grace Kaynor, has "expressed her satisfaction with the sentencing results already achieved and her desire to avoid further court proceedings."

Charles “Mob Chuck” Carter Jr., now 21, is serving a 362-year sentence, plus life with the possibility of parole, after a jury convicted him in a January 2016 trial.

Devante “Tae Banger” Billy, 24, is serving a 60-year sentence, and Byron “Poodie Man” Johnson, 25, received a 45-year sentence, both as a result of guilty pleas.

Billy and Carter also participated in the killing of 24-year-old University of New Orleans film student Valan May in New Orleans East on Oct. 19, 2012, less than three weeks after Kaynor was shot.

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