Four women were arrested and accused of shoplifting merchandise worth over $5,000 from St. Tammany stores, according to a Wednesday news release from Mandeville Police Department. 

Atoya Campbell, 42, Erica Riley, 46, Kreshanda Pruitt, 30, Leisa Pruitt, 46, were all arrested on felony theft and possession of stolen things.

Officers said they had located the four suspects after responding to a report of shoplifting at Old Navy clothing Store on Highway 190. Officers said they were then able to locate the four women in a car, inside of which was merchandise from Victoria Secret, JC-Penny, Maurice's and Old Navy.

The value of the stolen goods was about $5,000, according to the news release.

The vehicle also contained a device used to remove security tags from goods that the suspects may have used to evade stores' security scanners, police said. 

Video surveillance footage obtained by MPD shows the suspects hiding items in large purses then leaving the stores. 

All four women were from Mississippi. Kreshanda Pruitt and Leisa Pruitt are from Gulfport, Campbell is from Brooksville, and Riley is from Tupelo.