Cedric Floyd, a member of the Jefferson Parish School Board, listens to a presentation at a School Board meeting in Harvey, La., Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017.

A second woman has accused Jefferson Parish School Board member Cedric Floyd of harassment, filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Amzie Pigott, who served as the board's secretary for about four months in 2017, accused Floyd of gender-based harassment for phoning her repeatedly, being overly critical of her work and directing a derogatory expression toward her. 

Pigott has hired attorney Mike Delesdernier, who also represents Sharon Hunter, who was board secretary in 2015 and has filed a federal lawsuit accusing Floyd of similar types of harassment.

Delesdernier, a former School Board member and a longtime enemy of Floyd, once secured a court order directing Floyd not to come within 3 feet of him.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will investigate Pigott's complaint and eventually make a determination about whether to pursue a lawsuit against the School Board in federal court. If the commission decides not to file a lawsuit, Pigott is free to file one on her own behalf.

According to Pigott's complaint, she was made board secretary in March and resigned in July after the school system proved unwilling or unable to protect her from Floyd's abusive behavior.

Jefferson Parish public school system sued in federal court by ex-secretary alleging verbal harassment

Soon after she took the job, her complaint says, Floyd began calling her frequently.

"He asked questions, criticized her work," the complaint says, adding that Floyd would ask if her work had been reviewed by Superintendent Isaac Joseph's executive assistant.

"Thereafter, his phone calls took on a personal nature," with questions about her marital and relationship status, the complaint says. Floyd requested her personal contact information and urged her to call him.

Floyd also insinuated that he was responsible for Pigott getting the job and said the two of them wore "the same jersey" and needed "to look out for each other," the complaint says.

He also asked her, "What would you do if I was to call you out of your name?" the complaint says. She said she told him, "You would not do that" and "I don't allow anyone to call me out of my name." "Calling someone out of their name" is a derogatory slang expression that is equivalent to calling someone an expletive.

When Pigott complained to Joseph about Floyd's constant calls, she was told not to answer her phone. She told Floyd not to call her personal number unless it was an emergency, the complaint says.

Pigott was eventually forced to take a leave of absence and then resign in July, the complaint says.

Floyd could not be reached for comment.

Pigott's complaints are similar to those made by Hunter, who served as board secretary when Floyd was the board president. Over a seven-month period, Floyd called her more than 1,000 times, often after work hours. He also sent hundreds of text messages.

Like Pigott, Hunter complained that school administrators did little to protect her from Floyd's harassment. The School Board ordered an investigation of her allegations but never acted on the resulting report. It became public only after Hunter filed a federal lawsuit against the board.

Hunter's suit is scheduled to go to trial in May, though the two sides have discussed the possibility of settling the case, Delesdernier said.

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