Screenshot via WWL-TV video

A water fight won't keep Sophie B. Wright seniors out of school after all, according to a report from WWL-TV

The school made public its decision Tuesday to rescind suspension for students who took part in a "senior prank" on April 5. 

Alternative punishments, such as walking in their graduation and attending the senior prom, are still possible. 

Videos of the incident showed students, despite multiple warning from the school, participating in a water gun and water balloon fight on school grounds. The school indicated that a teacher and student were hurt during the prank, and a bathroom was "compromised." The school said eggs, vinegar and mustard were also used during the prank. 

Parents of the suspended students were intending to meet with school officials on Tuesday to discuss its decision, but instead found flyers indicating the decision, and that students would be allowed to make up any missed work. 

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