The Jefferson Parish School Board voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve a settlement with a woman who had accused school administrators of failing to protect her from abusive behavior by board members.

The board voted to pay $22,500 to settle the case brought by Amzie Pigott, who was a board executive assistant for four months in 2017.

The settlement included no admission of liability by the board, according to the resolution approving the payment.

During her time working for the board, Pigott claimed in her federal lawsuit, she was regularly subjected to harassment by then-board member Cedric Floyd, who she said flooded her with calls and texts both during and outside of work hours.

He also frequently criticized her work, implied that she owed her job to him and made misogynistic comments, according to her suit.

She also targeted former board member Marion Bonura, who said during a board meeting that Pigott's attorney had "put a chain" on her to get her to file the complaint. 

Pigott's attorney, Mike Delesdernier, and Bonura have a history of animosity: Bonura defeated Delesdernier for a seat on the board in 2014.

Pigott alleged that the "chain" comment was an attempt to intimidate her as an African-American woman.

As part of the settlement, which was agreed to earlier this week, Delesdernier moved to dismiss Floyd, Bonura and former Superintendent Isaac Joseph as individual defendants. Delesdernier and Floyd had clashed repeatedly when both were members of the board.  

The Pigott case was the second one settled by the School Board relating to Floyd's behavior and administrators' inability or unwillingness to protect employees from it. Last year, the board paid $60,000 to another woman who had made allegations similar to Pigott's.

Sharon Hunter served as the board's executive assistant for more than a year, and her 2015 claims were investigated by an outside attorney the board hired. But Floyd, who was president of the board when the attorney finished his report, was able to get the document buried without many of the board members ever reading it. It became public after The Advocate reported on it, and the board censured Floyd last year.

Floyd and Bonura both lost re-election bids in the fall.

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