Jefferson Parish School board members Ricky Johnson, Cedric Floyd and Tiffany Kuhn during a meeting of the school board in Harvey on Jan. 24, 2018.

Cedric Floyd's and Ricky Johnson's use of public money for a three-night stay at the Roosevelt Hotel during an education conference was just the tip of the iceberg for the Jefferson Parish School Board, according to a WWL-TV report.

Public records detailing travel expenses for the board since 2015 show some of the nine board members used public funds to often fly business class when traveling across the county for conferences and conventions, and sometimes spend more than $400 for hotel rooms.

Floyd and Johnson are the two top spenders of the group, each racking up more than $35,000 in expenses. Mark Morgan, Larry Dale and Melinda Bourgeois and the now-deceased Ray St. Pierre find themselves on the other end of the spectrum, tallying less than $2,600 spent on travel. The wide 

Dale was critical of the amount of money spent, calling it "disheartening," and especially critical of board members who flew business class.

"Using citizens' money to upgrade to business class, for a public servant, something's wrong there," he said to WWL-TV.

Floyd and Johnson strongly defended their travel to conferences, conventions and workshops as well worth the expense, saying the information they gain has been extremely valuable.

Floyd also told WWL the overall travel expenses are "within budget," but the school system's budget office said the budget was in the red by $8,426 over the past two years, and the current fiscal year -- which ends in June -- has seen $24,164 of its $35,000 budget used by the board members.

Floyd told WWL he was unaware of the board overspending its budget, but did direct the conversation to what he deems a more serious issue.

Floyd said the two least-traveled board members are in violation of state law by not logging at least six hours of annual training. 

Read WWL's full report here.