It’s that dizzying time of year again when parents dive into information about an array of independent New Orleans public schools, select their top choices and spend the ensuing months crossing their fingers.

New Orleans’ citywide schools enrollment process, commonly called OneApp, is now open, officials said Monday.

The application process is for students entering or changing schools for the 2016-17 school year. Parents who wish to keep students at their current schools need not apply.

Under the process, parents use one form to rank up to eight schools. A computer matches schools and applicants by preference, with some preferences holding more weight than others. Students with siblings at the school they apply for, or who live close to the school, generally have a better shot.

This enrollment season, three schools that had long conducted their own admissions processes have joined the OneApp family. Those are Einstein Charter School, New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School and Warren Easton Charter School.

That leaves only seven public schools that do not participate in OneApp: Audubon Charter, Ben Franklin High School, Edward Hynes Charter, Lake Forest Elementary Charter, Lusher Charter, Robert Russa Moton Charter and the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.

Parents seeking schools with academic entrance requirements must apply by Dec. 18. Those seeking schools without such requirements must apply by Feb. 26.

Parents will find out their child’s placement the week of April 4.

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