The race to choose Slidell Mayor Greg Cromer's replacement in the state House from District 90 won't be decided until Dec. 8, with Mary DuBuisson and John Raymond, both Republicans, in a runoff for the unexpired term.

DuBuisson, a retired small business owner who worked eight years as Cromer's legislative assistant, led the field Tuesday, with Morrison a close second.

DuBuisson pointed to her background with Cromer, saying that she would have a small learning curve in the seat because she is already knowledgeable about the issues and familiar with state officials and constituents' needs.

In complete but unofficial returns, she led with 29 percent of the vote.

Raymond, a pastor and owner of a Christian radio station, edged the lone Democrat, Sean Morrison, out of the race by 12 votes.

Brian Glorioso finished fourth. 

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