John Bagneris defeated Alicia Plummer Clivens for the Louisiana House of Representatives seat in District 100 on Saturday, capturing 55 percent of the vote.

Bagneris, 65, replaces term-limited Austin Badon representing a swath of New Orleans East.

The race between Bagneris and Clivens, both of whom are Democrats, turned on who would be the better candidate to attract business to a part of the city that is in some ways still struggling a decade after Hurricane Katrina.

Clivens, 56, touted her service on the board that oversees the recently reopened New Orleans East Hospital, as well as her work with former Mayor Ray Nagin’s recovery point-man Ed Blakely in helping to a lure Costco to the city.

Bagneris, who spent 12 years as an aide to former state Rep. Louis Charbonnet, III, made a point during the runoff of disparaging those claims: The Costco wound up in Carrollton, not the East. And Mayor Mitch Landrieu ousted Clivens and other members of the original hospital board after he took office in 2010.

The East is “still devastated,” Bagneris concluded, because Clivens is difficult to work with.

Clivens, in turn, accused Bagneris of trying to ride little but his last name to an elected position, a reference to his brother Michael Bagneris, who made an unsuccessful run against Landrieu in last year’s mayoral race.

Clivens’ campaign also paid for an attack mailer that claiming Bagneris has racked up more than $206,000 in federal and state tax liens since 1993. “John Bagneris can’t pay his own tax bills. Why trust him as state representative to help you with yours?” the mailer read.

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