The following are some of the candidates, constitutional amendments and propositions on Tuesday’s ballot. This list does not include candidates for constable or justice of the peace. A full list of candidates and propositions is located on the Louisiana secretary of state’s website at The runoff election, if needed, is Dec. 6.

D = Democrat

R = Republican

L = Libertarian

O = Other party

N = No party listed


U.S. Senator

Wayne Ables, D-Breaux Bridge

Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge

Thomas Clements, R-Lafayette

Mary L. Landrieu, D-New Orleans

Rob Maness, R-Madisonville

Brannon Lee McMorris, L-Denham Springs

Vallian Senegal, D-Opelousas

William P. Waymire Jr., D-Gonzales

U.S. Representative

1st Congressional District

Lee A. Dugas, D-Kenner

M.V. “Vinny” Mendoza, D-Ponchatoula

Jeffry “Jeff” Sanford, L-Baton Rouge

Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson

2nd Congressional District

David Brooks, N-New Orleans

Samuel Davenport, L-LaPlace

Gary Landrieu, D-New Orleans

Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans

5th Congressional District

Ralph Lee Abraham, R-Archibald

Eliot S. Barron, O-New Orleans

Harris Brown, R-Monroe

Zach Dasher, R-Calhoun

Clyde C. Holloway, R-Forest Hill

Jamie Mayo, D-Monroe

Vance M. McAllister, R-Monroe

Charles Saucier, L-Ponchatoula

Ed Tarpley, R-Alexandria

6th Congressional District

Robert Lamar “Bob” Bell, R-Baton Rouge

Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge

Norman “Norm” Clark, R-Denham Springs

Rufus Holt Craig Jr., L-Baton Rouge

Paul Dietzel II, R-Baton Rouge

Edwin Edwards, D-Gonzales

Garret Graves, R-Baton Rouge

Richard Lieberman, D-LaPlace

Craig McCulloch, R-Ethel

“Trey” Thomas, R-Baton Rouge

Lenar Whitney, R-Houma

Peter Williams, D-Lettsworth

Public Service Commission

District 1

Forest Bradley Wright, R-New Orleans

Allen “Al” Leone, R-Metairie

Eric Skrmetta, R-Metairie

Constitutional amendments


To create the Louisiana Medical Assistance Trust Fund, setting a baseline compensation rate for nursing homes and other healthcare providers that pay provider fees to the fund, which serves as a state match to federal dollars through the Medicaid program.


To allow an assessment on hospitals to draw more federal Medicaid dollars through a Hospital Stabilization Fund, protected in the Constitution from attempts to divert money for non-healthcare programs.


To allow local governments the option to use a private firm to assist in collecting delinquent property taxes, allowing the agent to charge a fee capped at 10 percent of the taxes collected at the time of the tax sale.


To allow investment of public funds in a Louisiana Transportation Infrastructure Bank, providing loans to local governments for road and other infrastructure projects.


To eliminate the mandatory retirement age of 70 for judges, or, if their 70th birthday occurs during the term, that they retire upon completion of that term.


To raise the caps on the Orleans Parish special property tax rate for fire and police protection from 5 mills to 10 mills, giving the New Orleans City Council the authority to levy additional mills with the consent of the parish’s voters.


To give a bonus property tax homestead exemption, for up to $150,000, to veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 100 percent unemployability or considered totally disabled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and their surviving spouses, in those parishes where voters have approved similar tax breaks.


To establish the Artificial Reef Development Fund from grants, donations or other assistance for programs dedicated to an artificial reef system, the wild seafood certification program and inshore fisheries habitat enhancement projects.


To eliminate the requirement that homeowners under age 65 who are permanently disabled certify each year that their income does not exceed the threshold for a property tax assessment freeze.


To require parishes cut in half, from three years to 18 months, the period during which the original owners of vacant, blighted or abandoned properties sold at a tax sale can reclaim their properties after they have paid back taxes and penalties.


To change the maximum number of departments in the executive branch of state government from 20 to 21, to create a Department of Elderly Affairs.


To require that two of the four at-large members of the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission come from parishes north of Beauregard, Allen, Evangeline, Avoyelles and Pointe Coupee.


To allow abandoned properties in the Lower Ninth Ward that were acquired by the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority after Hurricane Katrina to be sold at a nominal price set by the Legislature, even if that price is less than a fair-market value.


To prohibit legislation on tax rebates, tax incentives and tax abatements from being introduced or considered by the Legislature in a regular session in an even-numbered year, but allowing such legislation in fiscal sessions in odd-numbered years.


24th Judicial District Court

Election Section 1, Division O

Thomas P. Anzelmo Jr., R

Frank Buck, O

John E. Sudderth, R

Danyelle Taylor, R

Election Section 2, Division F

Juan Labadie, D

Michael P. Mentz, R

Election Section 3, Division G

Adrian Adams, D

Theresa “Terri” Miles, N

Angel Varnado, D

Judge, First Parish Court

Division B

Troy Broussard, L

Monique Lafontaine, R

John “Johnny” Lee Jr., R

Bryce Murray, R

Stephen Petit, R

Pat Rooney, R

School Board

District 2

Rickeem Jackson, D

Ricky Johnson, D

April Williams, D

District 3

Raymond “Ray” Griffin Jr., R

Raymond “Ray” St. Pierre, R

District 4

Melinda Bourgeois, R

Glenn Mayeaux, R

District 5

Karen Barnes, D

Cedric Floyd, D

Sharlayne Jackson-Prevost, D

District 6

Larry Dale, R

Meladie Munch, D

District 7

Melinda Doucet, R

Mark Jacobs, R

Jo Ann Scott, L

District 8

Marion “Coach” Bonura, R

Michael Delesdernier, R

District 9

Sandy Denapolis-Bosarge, R

Eugene “Gene” Katsanis, R

Justice of the Peace

2nd Justice Court

Patrick Hale DeJean, D

Russell Saluto, D

Newton T. Savoie, O

7th Justice Court

Michele P. Holmes, D

Jeanie Rentz, O


1st Justice Court

Jonathan Liberto, D

Patrick Pierson, R

2nd Justice Court

Russell Blanchard III, N

Ian Cotton, D

“Bobby” Doak, D

Theodore Keelen, D

Wayne J. Nocito, D

Antoine J. “Tonny” Thomassie, D

3rd Justice Court

Troy Pizani, R

Frank Rawle, D

4th Justice Court

Kelly J. Besson Sr., D

Leon F. Bradberry Sr., N

5th Justice Court

“Dan” Civello, R

Raymond “Ray” Waguespack, R

7th Justice Court

John “Big Man” Conner Jr., O

Lawrence Hall, D

Walter Whittington, D

Harahan Mayor

Eric Chatelain, R

Tina Miceli, R

Harahan Council

(5 to be elected)

Tim Baudier, R

Susan Benton, R

Alan “A.J.” Boudreaux, R

Dana Huete, R

Craig Johnston, R

Michael Maxwell, R

Pat McDaniel, R

Provino “Vinny” Mosca, R

Carrie Wheeler, R

Bryan “Keko” Whittle, R


Stonebridge Subdivision Special District

To renew a $390 parcel fee for 10 years, starting in 2015, for neighborhood security. If approved, the fee would increase by 2.5% per year.

City of Gretna Sewer System

To renew a 2-mill property tax for 10 years, starting in 2016, for sewer system maintenance.

City of Gretna Street Lights

To renew a 4-mill property tax for 10 years, starting in 2016, for street lights maintenance and replacement.


Judge, Civil District Court

Division D

Nakisha Ervin-Knott, D

Lloyd J. Medley Jr., D

Division F

Chris Bruno, D

Ruth Ramsey, D

Domestic Section 1

Bernadette D’Souza, D

Taetrece Harrison, D

Domestic Section 2

(For regular and unexpired term)

Janet Ahern, D

Monique Barial, D

Michelle Scott-Bennett, D

Judge, Criminal District Court

Section D

Graham Bosworth, D

Frank A. Marullo Jr., D

Marie Williams, D

Section G

Paul N Sens, D

Byron C. Williams, D

Juvenile Court

Section E

Jacqueline Carroll-Gilds, D

Ernest “Freddie” Charbonnet, D

Desiree Cook-Calvin, D

Yolanda King, D

Niki Roberts, D

Cynthia D. Samuel, D


Parishwide Law Enforcement District

To levy a 2.9 mill property tax for 10 years, beginning in 2015, to provide the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office with money to operate and maintain the city jail.

Parishwide Home Rule Charter Amendment Section 3

To move the inauguration date for the mayor and the City Council from the first Monday in May to the second Monday in January, in response to the change in election dates passed by the Legislature in 2013.

Parishwide Home Rule Charter Amendment Section 6

To require that all executive branch professional services contracts be awarded through a competitive selection process established through an executive order by the mayor. That process would:

— involve a selection committee, composed of at least three individuals from local government possessing relevant expertise (except the mayor), to review and evaluate proposals and make selections in meetings noticed and open to the public;

— require the committee’s records would be public;

— allow the mayor to authorize, by executive order, exceptions to the process due to emergencies that pose a threat to public health, safety, and welfare, as authorized by law;

— require that the city establish and maintain a program to encourage disadvantaged business enterprises to participate in city contracts;

— allow the Chief Administrative Officer instead of the Director of Finance to sign such contracts.

Oak Island Neighborhood Improvement District

To renew a $150 parcel fee for four years beginning in 2015 for security and beautification.

Lake Oaks Subdivision Improvement District

To renew a $400 parcel fee for four years beginning in 2015 for security and beautification.

Lake Willow Subdivision Improvement District

To renew a $300 parcel fee for three years beginning in 2015 for security and beautification.

Lakeview Crime Prevention District

To levee a $150 parcel fee for 12 years beginning in 2015 for security and crime prevention.

Milneburg Neighborhood Improvement District

To renew a $200 parcel fee for four years beginning in 2015 for security and beautification.

Kingswood Subdivision Improvement District

To renew a $240 parcel fee for eight years beginning in 2015 for security and beautification.


Parish President

Amos Cormier Jr., R

Lane Greco, R

Jerry Hodnett, R

Felix J. “Boopie” Hoskin Jr., R

Burghart Turner, D

Byron Williams Jr., D

Parish Council

District 1

John L. Barthelemy Jr., D

Percy “P. V.” Griffin, D

Michael J. Rodriguez, D

District 2

William “Beau” Black, R

Michael “Mike” Dobrowolski, R

District 4

Shelly Chiappetta, R

Mitchell R. “Mitch” Cota, R

Irvin Juneau Jr., N

District 5

Richard “Rick” Fremin, O

Christian M. Harris, R

Benedict “Benny” Rousselle, O

District 6

Tammy Bradley, D

Charlie Burt, R

District 7

Keith Espadron Jr., D

Ray “C. C.” Gallet, D

Warren J. Lawrence, D

Audrey Trufant Salvant, D

District 8

Jeff Edgecombe, D

Jay Friedman, O

District 9

Byron T. Marinovich, R

Norma Smith, D

Nicole Smith Williams, D

Paul Williams, R

School Board

District 2

Nancy LaHaye, D

Daniel Morrill, R

District 3

Corey R. Arbourgh, R

Michael “Mike” Mariana, R

Anthony “Tony” St. Philip, R

Dominick Williams, N

District 5

William “Bill” Mertz, R

Shayne Meyers, R

Lawrence “Larry” Rousselle, N

District 9

Helen E. Barrois, R

Charles “Chuck” Soileau, R

Justice of the Peace

Ward 5

Janice Taylor Andry, D

Robert “Hot Rod” Kruithof, N

Ward 6

Davey L. Naquin Jr., R

Michael J. Vogt, L

Ward 9

Mary Lou Everage, D

Brenda J. Hymes, D


Ward 2

Francis Isidore, O

Hilry Thomas, D

Ward 7

Paul Barrois, R

Sharon K. Macaluso, D

Kyle Miller, N

Brooke Ton, N

Ward 8

Andria “Pal” Barthelemy, D

Cornell Battle Sr., D

Ward 9

Alexis Billiot, D

Mary Jo Hebert, R


34th Judicial District Court

Division A

Leola Anderson, D

Robert A. “Bob” Buckley, D

Division C

Kim Cooper Jones, R

Gregory Noto, R

Darren Roy, D

District Attorney

Glenn E. Diaz, O

Michael Gorbaty, R

Perry Nicosia, D

School Board

District 1

Lynette DiFatta, R

Katherine Karcher Lemoine, D

District 9

Henderson Lewis Jr., D

Stacy Riley Sr., O

Justice of the Peace

Ward A

Kevin Hoffman, R

Barbara Stout St. Germain, R

Ward B

Terry St. Germain Jr., R

George V. Wollfarth, D

Ward I

Glenn G. Landry, D

Melanie Licciardi, R

Ward J

Sigeberto Valentino “Ziggy” DelValle Sr., D

Barbara Manuel, D


Ward A

Jesse Heintz, N

Mitchell Perkins, D

Ward B

Jason R. Danna, O

Anthony “Tony” LaNasa III, R

Justin L. Licciardi, L

Louis Luna Jr., R

Ward C

“Beau” Bowman, R

Julia Dardar, D

“Chuck” Little, R

Chris Palazzalo, O

Henry Vandenborre, D

Ward D

Calixtro Michael Balbon, N

William F. “Billy” Cure, D

Ward J

Tony “Te-Ton” Jeansonne, D

Tamara L. Jones, D

Benjamin P. “Benny” Ruiz, D


29th Judicial District Court Judge

Division E

Timothy “Tim” Marcel, D

Michele R. Morel, R

School Board

District 1

Ellis Alexander Sr., N

Milton Allemand Jr., N

Justice of the Peace

District 1

Edna Campbell Bridges, D

Charles Matthews, R

Richard “Rick” Whitney Jr., N

Henry Wolfe, D

District 2

Vanessa Alexander Johnson, D

Randall “Randy” Muller Jr., R

Earl “Pie” Tastet, D

District 4

Darrell Chiasson, N

Stanley Hebert Jr., O

District 5

A.D. “Del” Barnes Jr., N

April Black, R

Tika L. Riley, N

District 7

John D. Brady, R

Robin Triche-Fields, D


District 2

Craig Petit, D

Kenny “Gatorman” Schmill, N

District 6

Aaron Marino, O

Jerry J. Pfister Jr., D

District 7

Gary Cazenave, R

“Butch” Ockman, R


40th Judicial District Court

Division B

Mary Hotard Becnel, D

Rob Snyder, D

District Attorney

Geri Broussard Baloney, D

Tom Daley, N

Bridget A. Dinvaut, D

School Board

District 9

Lowell Bacas, R

Shawn Wallace, D

District 10

Rodney B. Nicholas, D

Matthew Ory, D

Justice of the Peace

District 1

Charo Bossier-Holden, D

Haston “Bun” Lewis Jr., D

District 5

Beverly Frank, D

Greg “Za” Maurin, D


Judge, 22nd Judicial District Court

Division L

Dawn Amacker, R

Nanine McCool, R

District Attorney

Alan Black, R

Roy K. Burns, R

Warren Montgomery, R

Brian F. Trainor, R

School Board

District 9

Sharon Lo Drucker, R

Shane Hodgson, N

Slidell City Court Judge

d’Andrea “d” Chatman, D

James “Jim” Lamz, R

Justice of the Peace

Ward 1

Gregory B. Badeaux, R

Casey Revere, R

“Chuck” Wohltmann, R

Ward 3

Lauren Ducote, R

Connie Moore, R

Ward 6

Doretta “Chris” Nunroe, R

Lisa Munday Polk, N

Nan White-Price, R

Ward 10

Clayton Borne, R

Olivia “Levie” Hannon, N

Lisa C. King, R


Ward 5

“Woody” Crawford, N

Todd Kraft, R

Ward 6

James “Jimmy” Howell, R

Nathan A. Jordan, N

Ward 7

Marcus Carlucci Sr., R

Gregory Chabreck, R

Ward 8

Montgomery Hoover, N

Floyd Trascher, R

Ward 10

Matthew J. King, R

Leonard Lenel, O

Julie Lien, N

Abita Springs Alderman

(five to be elected)

Patrick J. Berrigan Jr., R

Daniel J. Curtis, R

Gina Kilpatrick Harper, R

Ryan Murphy, R

W. E. “Pat” Patterson III, R

Leslie Blitch Welliver, R

Pearl River Mayor

Clay Harper, R

James Lavigne, D

David McQueen, D

Claud P. Stucke, N

Pearl River Police Chief

Mark Barrios, R

Edward “Ed” Haisch, N

J.J. Jennings, R

Eddie Lagman, N

Matthew McQueen, R

Pearl River Alderman

(five to be elected)

Bridgett Bennett, R

Ella Brakefield, R

Kenneth “Ken” Cooper, N

Arnold “Terry” Crawford, D

Alma Marie Crowe, D

Lora Cutrer, N

Jacob de Bram, R

Jessica Gauley, N

Betty Hodge, D

David McGregor, R

Lola Monroe, D

Virgil R. Phillips, N

Kathryn “Kat” Walsh, R

Folsom Mayor

Bettye Mizell Boggs, R

Donald Burris, D

Fritz Cassidy, R

Folsom Alderman

(three to be elected)

Richard B. Atkins, R

Ronald W. “Ronnie” Holliday, D

Paulette A. Lee, D

Jill Palmer Mathies, R

Lance Willie, R


Road Lighing District No. 9

To renew a $50.00 annual service charge for 10 years beginning in 2015 to operate and maintain road lighting.

Road Lighting District No. 10

To renew a $50.00 annual service charge for 10 years beginning in 2015 to operate and maintain road lighting.

City of Mandeville

To renew and rededicate a 1% sales tax when it expires at the end of 2019 for 10 years. If approved, 50 percent would go to the city’s general fund and 50 percent would be used for water, sewer, streets, drainage and flood protection, or for paying off bonds related to those capital improvements.

Mandeville Home Rule Charter Proposition No. 1

To amend technical aspects of the charter to track state election laws and the Open Meetings Law; to update the charter in accordance with contemporary local governmental practices and terminology; to provide for the publication of important public documents on the Internet; to clarify supermajorities necessary for certain council actions; and to eliminate obsolete language.

Mandeville Home Rule Charter Proposition No. 2

To revise certain council procedures, organization, and governance to shift responsibility for filling vacancies in the council from the governor to the mayor in the event that the council fails to make a timely appointment; to set time restrictions on when compensation for the council may be modified; and to require council members-elect to comply with the Open Meetings Law.

Mandeville Home Rule Charter Proposition No. 3

To amend the charter to extend term limits from two to three consecutive terms, but to apply the extended limits to all service on the council, regardless of whether that service is in a district or at-large council position.

Mandeville Home Rule Charter Proposition No. 4

To amend the charter to move the human resources director from unclassified to classified service; provide for the appointment of the human resources director by the personnel board; reduce the terms of the personnel board members from five to four years; establish qualifications for board appointees consistent with those for the municipal police employees civil service system; and revise related provisions of the charter as needed to comport with these changes.