Businessman Troy Henry, the fourth-place finisher in the New Orleans mayoral primary, swung his support behind LaToya Cantrell on Tuesday.

Cantrell and her Nov. 18 runoff opponent, Desiree Charbonnet, are both clamoring for the votes that went to Henry and other sidelined candidates. 

Cantrell had already gained the support of Michael Bagneris, the third-place finisher.

“I trust LaToya. She has delivered for our city, and I know she can do that as mayor,” Henry said.

“She realizes that we must take a big picture approach to solving our crime and infrastructure problems, because we’ve experienced so many shortsighted failures in the past. She brings the type of leadership New Orleans needs to really bring us into the 21st century.”

Henry, who captured 6 percent of the vote on Oct. 14, was a favorite of some members of the city’s business community, who started a political action committee in his favor and may be more willing now to put their financial muscle behind Cantrell. 

The endorsement is a blow for Charbonnet, who has tried to take Cantrell down a peg with a barrage of attacks on Cantrell’s use of a credit card billed to taxpayers, her track record in Broadmoor neighborhood activism and other alleged missteps.

The attacks come after Charbonnet captured 30 percent of the vote in the primary to Cantrell’s 39 percent.

After mostly ignoring the attacks, Cantrell responded Monday by casting trips Charbonnet took and money she spent to furnish her office as a Municipal Court judge as lavish and unnecessary.

Cantrell said she was pleased to have Henry's backing.

“Troy ran a strong, substantive campaign of ideas – particularly on fiscal management and applying private sector best practice to government,” Cantrell said. “I am proud to have his support, and look forward to working with him to make our city better.”

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