Flood waters rise and float a trash bin down Banks Street and submerges an ambulance in New Orleans, La. Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017.

A New Orleans woman trying to rescue her stranded boyfriend in Treme on Saturday ended up helping a person who needed medical attention, according to a report.

Danica Adams told WWL-TV that she was on her boat trying to get to her boyfriend, who was stranded at a gas station on Orleans Avenue and Broad Street, when she ran into a woman who needed to go to the hospital. The woman’s brother had recently had a stroke, WWL reported.

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After taking the woman to the hospital, Adams encountered a man who was stuck in a car and experiencing liver failure. The man had called for an ambulance, but the emergency vehicle “couldn’t get through the water,” Adams told WWL.

Adams managed to get the man to the ambulance on her boat, WWL reported.

“…I’m really grateful I had a boat,” Adams told WWL. “The EMS was out here, fire, all the emergency vehicles were out here looking for people and doing their best, and I really am grateful that I was able to just get them to those emergency personnel faster.”

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