Remnant Isaac

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring the remnants of Hurricane Isaac in the Caribbean Sea for possible redevelopment.

A broad area of low pressure associated with the remnants of Hurricane Isaac has a small chance of redeveloping in the Caribbean Sea and emerging in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Hurricane Center said Monday morning.

The disturbance is is located near eastern Jamaica, according to the NHC. The chance of development in the next five days is about 20 percent.

Showers and thunderstorms are disorganized, and forecasters said factors such as they system's proximity to dry air, land interaction with Jamaica and overall environmental conditions will likely deter development.

No other tropical development is expected in the Atlantic Basin in the next five days.

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Isaac came to life Sept. 7 as a depression far out in the Atlantic. The system grew into a named tropical storm Sept. 8 and flared up to a Category 1 hurricane the next day, becoming the fifth named hurricane of the 2018 Atlantic season. It lost its hurricane status by Sept. 10. The NHC stopped formal advisories on Isaac this past Saturday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.