Stranded vehicles continue to make some intersections in New Orleans impassable on Sunday, and some vehicles may be “courtesy towed” if residents are unable to move them, city officials said.

Residents with stranded vehicles in the middle of roadways or intersections are asked to move their vehicles to the side of the road or a parking lane “immediately,” officials said in a news release.

In order to reopen traffic, the Department of Public Works and New Orleans police may “courtesy tow” vehicles to the side of the road. Any vehicles abandoned on interstates or major roadway ramps may be towed to the city’s impound lot. Residents will not be charged to retrieve their vehicles, according to the news release.

With more rain expected today, residents will be allowed to park on neutral ground to keep intersections and streetcar tracks clear, the news release said.

All vehicles must be removed by midnight on Sunday so that RTA and other services can operate on Monday morning, officials said.

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