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Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG -- Raegan Carter with Planned Parenthood of Louisiana, speaks at the lectern as abortion rights advocates rally in front of the Governor's Mansion Thursday morning June 2, 2016, in response to anti-abortion legislation that has passed this session.

Oh my goodness! A recent letter in The Advocate is filled with inaccurate information and just plain wrong ideas. Let’s start with the title — “Abortion no answer to unwanted child.” Of course it isn’t, because an abortion terminates a pregnancy, and a child only exists after a birth. Let’s not confuse anyone by using incorrect words or inflammatory statements.

Next, the writer shares his view on abortion based on his life and faith in God. Part of this view is “an image of virtuous motherhood deeply engraved in the hearts and minds” of his family.

He also refers to God breathing human life into existence through the mother when she conceives. Good for him and his family and their version of womanhood and spirituality. My world view, though, is that women are real people, not saints on pedestals. We sometimes experience unwanted pregnancies (birth control failed, rape, mother’s life is threatened by pregnancy), and we should not be forced to give birth.

The writer then refers to the “undesirable consequences” of an abortion. He doesn’t tell us what they are, but I’ll make an educated guess. I escort at a clinic and hear the anti-abortion protesters yelling at women that their risk of breast cancer will increase, along with their risk of immune disease. The protesters also claim women who’ve had an abortion will suffer from depression, drug use, and will never have a good relationship with a man. None of this is backed up by science, or by my personal experience.

The letter ends with “abortion is a false solution to the serious problem of unwanted pregnancies.” Unwanted pregnancy is a serious problem, particularly for poorer women, but abortion isn’t a false solution. Abortion is one of the choices every woman should have available to her, and her decision should be based on her own experiences, beliefs and situation at the time. And sometimes, abortion is the best solution.

Linda Kocher


New Orleans