The day after the Major League All-Star game can be the worst day of the year for those of us preoccupied with following sports.

It’s the slowest sports day of the year. Yeah, I know this year we had the Women’s World Cup soccer, but you could have just waited for the highlights of that and seen all the scoring in like 20 seconds.

The good part is the slowest sports day gives us a chance to look around and see what else is going on that we might have been too distracted to notice.

For instance, did you know there was a murder trial in which a woman named Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter? Apparently a lot of fans of the trial felt the prosecution was treated like an Olympic figure skater who got cheated by the judges.

And guess what? There’s a whole bunch of people already running for president. Talk about a false start.

And the space shuttle is taking a well-deserved victory lap on its way into retirement.

Did you hear about Edwin Edwards? Not only is he a free man, but he might get his own reality show. Boy, if they had had this reality TV stuff when he was governor, that would have been must-see TV.

Apparently Congress is debating whether to raise the debt ceiling above $14.3 trillion. I guess they’re learning how it feels to be the New York Yankees’ general manager.

Oh, and the world might end next year.

I discovered all this after the World Cup highlights whizzed by Wednesday. I got reacquainted with all the non-sports channels I’ve been ignoring. The old standbys^=the ESPNs and the FOXes and MLB and NBA and NFL and such^=just couldn’t hold my attention.

I couldn’t get into the Triple-A All-Star Game^=the best baseball players not in the Major Leagues.

There were enough replays of old British Opens to make you want to don some knickers, grab a niblick, and head to the links, but I never got that far.

I came across last year’s Chick-fil-A Bowl. Quick, guess who was in it? Florida State and South Carolina. Click.

And speaking of the Seminoles, their spring football game was on too. Click.

And there was the Ping-pong World Championship, the World Poker Championship, reruns of the NHL playoffs. Click, click, and click.

The ESPYs? Click.

The T.O. Show^=In this week’s episode, Terrell Owens gets ready for the ESPYs. CLICK!, CLICK!, CLICK! CLICK! ?

So it was off to the world of cable news, at least for one day.

But now things are getting back to normal. There are seven major league games Thursday as the pennant races begin in earnest, and a new British Open is getting under way.

So I can return to my regular viewing habits ? but I can’t stop thinking about that Casey Anthony verdict.