Some outstanding bowling scores were recorded in all three City Tournament events which, concluded a weekend ago at All-Star Lanes.

The Open, Women’s and Youth events all were conducted at the same time and unofficial results are out. We cannot because of space come close to getting everything in, so check out the Greater Baton Rouge USBC website for all the association placings.

Here, though, are some of the highlights:

Open Championships: These Guys Shot was the team winner with a 2,938 total, but the scores individually were fascinating. John Amedee (who shot 300) and Duke Koontz had their way in the doubles with a scratch winning overall total of 1,487. Dylan Doiga won handicap singles (773) and with 268 pins handicap each event, he also won handicap all-event with 2,233. That’s a lot of handicap, but it also means he bowled an outstanding nine games to get the combined total to 2,233 and that’s the beauty of a city tournament. Randy Summers, who also shot 300, posted 2,193 (243 average). Sumner Taylor was second in scratch all-events with 2,166.

Women’s Championships: The top team was Lane Violation with a score of 2,757. Kristy Koontz and Sarah Broussard equaled the winners in the open doubles by taking both scratch and handicap with scores of 1,336 and 1,457. There was a rare tie for a title in the handicap singles with Sylvia Hahn and Sarah Ayme both posting 730 (Mary Mansur the scratch winner at 681). In the all-events it was Rene Carter the best with a handicap total of 2,182. The city champion in scratch all-events came down to a one-pin decision with Broussard shooting 1,973 to Mansur’s 1,972.

Youth Championships: There are so many divisions in this group we thought we would hit the all-events winners: Bantams: Carter Mashon (2,191); Preps: William Graham (2,322), Ashtyn Yoches (2,373); Juniors: Damien Cavendar (2,403), Bailee Chapman (2,157); Major-Seniors: Clayton Craighead (2,221); Ashley Triggs (2,461). Scratch All-Events: 160 average & over: Tyler Lewis (1,985), Chapman (1,689); 159 & under: Aaron Bustamante (1,435); Hannah Grather (1,493).

Remember, all the results on the city association web site for you to check out and bowlers have until Dec. 6 to report any corrections they may see before final checks are mailed out. Congrats to all the winners and more importantly, thanks to all who bowled.

BR Singles, Dec. 6-7

The next edition of the BR Singles event will be at Circle Bowl on Dec. 6-7, and remember the changes instituted regarding averages now for the event. Tournament staff expect the bowlers to bring an official printout verification of your average. It saves time and gives the event a chance to stay relatively on time considering how late some people re-enter the event at the last minute based on scores.

Again, big money is involved and a reminder the shifts are at 9 and 11 a.m, 1, 4, 6 and 8 p.m. Anyone who pre-enters by Dec. 5 and has paid ahead of time is entered for a chance to win a bowling ball. There are several other giveaways during the event which is sponsored by Circle Bowl, The Bowlers Pro Shop and Hammer.

More information can be found at the lanes or the Circle Bowl website.

Spare Notes

Know some of our bowlers have been in St. Louis at the TNBA regional and looks like there may be some good results to post in our next column. … The wait is almost over, the PBA Tour shows return on Sunday, Dec. 14.

Honor Roll notes

Some outstanding bowling at all the centers this week, highlighted by Clay Duke who had 300 with an 818 series (300-248-269). Delery Matherne was also on his game with a 300 game as part of an 803 series (300-256-247). Tristan Senegal on the ladies side had 739 (258), as did Mary Mansur with a 728 set with a 258 high game, Bernadine Thompson 725 (278) and Dawn Amedee 706 (244 high game). Speaking of 700, how about Deontrae Taylor in the youth leagues with a 704 (257 high game).

Melanie Dufrene had her first 500 (504), while Norma Wolfe had 511 for her first. Brenda French (200) and John Cador (203) both hit for over 200 pins for the first time. Also, Tara David picked 4-7-8-10 split.

Back with you in two weeks on Dec. 9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and as always, good luck and good bowling.