To use the term “best” with something is subjective, and most of the times it is the opinion of a writer of a column like this.

But after the recent state youth match game championships at All-Star Lanes, it is hard not to put that tag on the two classic divisions.

First of all it took 215-plus to make the cut in the Boys Classic division and an equaling impressive 207 to make the Girls Classic qualifying cut. For the first time in 47 years of this tournament, 12 boys would make the finals meaning 12 more match-play games in the finals after an eight-game qualifier.

Adding to the story lines was the No. 1 seed would get sick overnight and have to withdraw, putting Shreveport’s Johnny Schwartzkopf in the competition as the first alternate. He opened with games of 259-300-226, winning his first three matches worth 90 bonus points to thrust himself right in the competition.

It came down to the 12th game with Paul Bonck of Hammond 68 pins up and bowling the second place Schwartzkopf in the position round. Schwartzkopf posted a very strong 258 and Bonck came up on the fill ball in the 10th needing a good count to win the tournament, despite losing the game. He threw a big split and the margin was 258-220 and with the 30 bonus pins, the pair was tied at 3,105 pins for the day after 12 games.

Both bowlers posted 9-3 match play records and in actual scores, averaged an amazing 236 and would have to bowl one more game in this record-shattering tournament.

It was close all the way, with Bonck finishing first and posting a 210.

Schwartzkopf came up needing good count, a spare and another good count in the 10th to win. But his shot went high left, leaving an impossible split, and Bonck had the title and the top scholarship award, 210-200.

Baton Rouge bowlers did well with Anthony Russo tying for third, Gregory Snee taking seventh and Kaleb Adams eighth. Four bowlers - Murray Cuthell, Bonck, Schwartzkopf and Burton Banta - rolled perfect 300 games.

The Girls Classic wasn’t as close but the scoring was also amazing as four Baton Rouge bowlers made the finals. Jessica McLin was the wire-to-wire winner, leading qualifying with a 213 average, and then won all four matches Sunday with a 217 average to win the top scholarship. Kay Rawls was second, Caitlin Craighead third and Angela Falgoust was fourth.

It was Falgoust who had the high game of 288 in the opening game of qualifying for the girls.

In the Regular Division, Amy Coward of Baton Rouge won the title over Ashlyn Blanchard, another local bowler, with Jennifer Juvenal in fourth. On the boys’ side, Nicholas Stevens of Baton Rouge won over Bryan Waites.

Congrats to all.

Cutups finish third

The All-Star Cutups finished third in the Diamond Division of the 2011 USBC Women’s Championship in Syracuse with a score of 3,332. Team members were Ranette Braud, Nadine Darsan, Karen Lane, Wendy Chapman and Chrysta LaCroix. Congratulations ladies.

2012 BR USBC Open

With 193 days to first shots at the River Center, the number of teams continues to grow or so we’ve been told. The available dates board has not been updated during the month of July by USBC so we are a little in the dark on actual dates filling up. I have been told by Matt Cannizzaro from USBC PR that the number of teams entered is in the 8,800 range or multiplying each team by five bowlers that’s 44,000 participants to date.

It was also announced this weekend at the state youth meetings that the junior bowlers will have their tournament as they did in 2005 on the second day of bowling on Feb. 12 (2012) and high school bowling director Rick Bourgeois also announced the high school varsity bowlers will have an event and that will be later in the month of Feb. 2012.

Dunaway Honor Roll notes

Mike DeLeon’s 749 (290) and Lyndsey Stewart’s 683 (288) were the best in the leagues this week, while Gregory Snee had 762 in the youth leagues and Mike Bass’ 733 was the best in the senior leagues.

Carl Roberts had a 178 triplicate, while Stuart Law (150 average) bowled a 245 game. Senior bowler C. J. Broussard was 50 pins over his average. Glynn Nickens picked up the 6-7-10 split in the division.

My fall bowling league starts next week and I can’t wait. Hope you are getting ready to get back on the lanes. We’ll be back with you on Aug. 16 and until then, good luck and good bowling.