Crescent City Classic: Belle Chasse Academy teacher Thomas Schiffer running well to live well _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Thomas Schiffer in New Orleans on Friday, Dec. 12, 2014.

To say Thomas Schiffer stays busy is an understatement.

The 44-year old father of four is a physical education teacher at Belle Chasse Academy. He’s the assistant tennis coach at the school, works as a personal trainer and runs a boot camp at a local YMCA.

Schiffer also is training for the Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic — the popular 10-kilometer road race that will be held April 4 on the streets of New Orleans. He also is one of three people the New Orleans Advocate is featuring each Sunday as they train for the race.

Schiffer is running the CCC for the Kelly Gibson Foundation. That organization’s goal is to promote fitness and healthy opportunities for kids.

It’s another part of Schiffer’s jam-packed schedule. The constant going certainly helps keep Schiffer in shape, but it does limit the amount of time he actually can spend running.

“I’m on the go, for sure,” Schiffer said. “I wish I could get more miles in. Right now, I’m probably running three to five times per week and about 2-3 miles per outing.”

Though January is thought of as a running month in south Louisiana (cooler temperatures, etc.,) Schiffer said he’s not a fan of the area’s coldest month.

“It’s cold out there,” he said. “Also, I’m a morning runner, and in January, you have less light. I also have to get ready for school. So my schedule has changed. I’m running when I can; a mile here, two miles there. I’ll get on the treadmill when I can, and I’m getting my longer runs in on the weekends.”

Schiffer said as his training continues, he expects to ready for the 10K distance.

“I hope to loosen up in the next month or two,” he said. “When I can get more long runs in, I want to get down to 9:15 or 9:30 (minutes.)”

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