Reuben Twijukye and Martha Thibaut were the overall male and female winners of the Providence Corporate Cup 5K race held Saturday in downtown Baton Rouge.

Twijukye turned in a time of 15 minutes, 8 seconds, and was also the race’s fastest overall runner. Thibaut had a time of 21:43.

Twijukye was followed by Denver Pierce (17:29) and Andre Calvit (18:54). Thibaut was followed by Stephanie Riegel (23:35) and Madeline Linck (23:32).

David Guidry (18:55) and Nicole Daniel (23:49) were masters winners, while Robert Duncan (19:14) and Nancy Kuhlmeier (24:39) captured grand masters titles.

William Knox (23:30) and Judy Hebert (30:20) were the top senior runners. Lucas Silvio was the race’s oldest male runner, and Marie Wade was the oldest female runner.

In Division I, Varsity Sports teams took the top three spots. The Varsity #1 team of Jessica Demello, Michael Edmonson and Jenni Peters (56:31.08) captured the title, followed by the Varsity #2 team of Lauren Haro, Adam Carlisle and Fred Klinge (58:25.07) and the Varsity #3 team of Linda Akhter, Jay Larrimer and Bud Weiss (1:04:52).

In Division 2, the Surfing the Waves team of Amande Barre, Fredrick Gatz, Chris Warwick and Michael Brown, representing C-K Associates, took first place (1:29:04). Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLP’s BSW #1 team of Jennifer Sims, Jordan Faircloth, Chris Billings and Stephen Whalen (1:31:04) was second, followed by AWC Inc.’s AWC #1 team of Carol Rousseau, Travis Euggino, Brandon Eddards and Julius Beard (1:33:55).

In Division 3, the LWCC’s Lightning Rods team of Terrell Thomas, Rodney Gaines, Michael Berthon and Tensey Pricer (1:27:14) took first. The Aint Nobody Got Time For That team of Aimee Killen, Adam Davis, Rich Major and Jon Paul Olivier, representing Providence, finished second (1:29:07). LWCC’s Cobra Kai team of Amanda Carmon, Paul Fryday, Jen O’Connell and Michael Stilner (1:34:32) finished third.

In Division 4, the Running Out of Gas team of Rosalie Teeuwen, Peter-Paul Langerak, Anthony Skufca and Alex Tucker, representing Albemare Corporation, finished first (1:16:59). Motiva’s Motiva Convent team of Aimee Taylor, Mark McGinley, James Gardner and Jimmy Roberts (1:25:37) finished second, followed by the Associated Grocers Apple team of Andrea Evans, Manard Lagasse, Steven Miller and Adam Barilleau (1:26:57).

Edmonson (17:10) had the top male time among corporate team competitors, while Teeuwen (18:27) turned in the top female time.

In the fun team division, Pennington took the top two spots as V-OH-TO-THE-MAX (Cory Lemon, Gregory Davis, Brittany Inlow and Deidre Harrington) took first place (1:28:49), followed by Are We There Yet #1 (Loren Johnson, Daniel Ragus, Darcy Johannsen and Melissa Lupo) in 1:34:49. Wright and Precy’s Fast & Furious team of Patrick Moore, Aimee Kilpatrick, Temple Beeson and Lou Fey (1:34:56) took third.


SCHMITT WINS HOWELL PARK TITLE: Phil Schmitt won the championship flight of BREC’s Howell Park Golf Championship over the weekend.

Schmitt had rounds of 67 and 64 to take the title.

Chris Husser (68-72 — 140) finished second in the championship flight, while Russ Gaudin (69-72 — 141) was third.

Dante Caldera (71-67 — 138) won the first flight, followed by Larry Lynch (71-68 — 139) and Scott Haynie (71-72 — 143).

Bubba Vicknair (73-75 — 148) captured the second flight, followed by Terry Ledet (74-77 — 151) and Barry Carline (74-77 — 151).

In the third flight, Ed Mitchell (74-71 — 145) took the title, while Frank Dominick (75-74 — 149) was second and Kenneth Young (75-77 — 152) third.

Mike Roussell (75-74 — 149) won the fourth flight, followed by Donnie Breaux (75-75 — 150) and Peter Mata (75-75 — 150).

The fifth flight went to Jason Miller (78-76 — 154), while Chuck Tate (77-77 — 154) was second, and David Hoffman (76-79 — 155) finished third.

Joey Indest (79-74 — 153) won the sixth flight, followed by Don Dixon (79-74 — 153) and Brad Petrie (80-76 — 156). The seventh flight went to Kelvin Price (81-78 — 159), while Mike Thomas (82-79 — 161) was second and David Mata (80-81 — 161) third.

Michael Boone (85-77 — 162) captured the eighth flight, followed by Tim Medlin (85-79 — 164) and Andrew Wahl (88-79 — 167).


BROTHER ELDON WINNERS NAMED: Jenifer Palermo, Jonathan Thomas, Cecila Aucoin and Clayton Rives were the overall winners of the Brother Eldon 5K and 1-mile runs held March 9.

Palermo was the overall female winner of the 5K race in 19 minutes, 15 seconds, while Thomas (15:40) was the 5K’s overall male winner.

Aucoin was was the overall female winner of the one-mile race, while Rives was the overall male winner.

Ross Bourgeois (19:11) was the overall masters male 5K winner, and Lisa Stewart (24:05) was the overall masters female 5K winner.

Robert Duncan (19:32) was the overall grand masters male 5K winner, while Petra Hendry (24:09) was the overall grand masters female winner.


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