Adrian Peterson

New Orleans Saints signee Adrian Peterson pictured before a preseason game Aug. 9, 2013 against Houston in Minneapolis.

Ditch the AP ... for Adrian Peterson, it's "All Day"

It might seem like an insignificant difference, but Saints fans will likely hear a lot of both as they talk about newly signed running back in the coming months.

The nicknames serve the same purpose, they identify one of the best rushers in NFL history, but one has special significance for the former Viking; the other is just initials.

Peterson has said, most notably during a question and answer session on Reddit, that he clearly prefers "AD." Potentially confusing because it also happens to be the first two letters of his name, the title was given to him by his father when he was a child.

He was given the nickname because "he could run all day," according to a book titled "Adrian Peterson," written by Clifford W. Mills. "He always had energy to burn, and was always in motion." 

Peterson's signing of a two-year deal was announced Tuesday. If all goes well, that span could be filled with "AD" milestones. 

In his career, Adrian Peterson has carried the ball 2,418 times over 123 games, totaling 11,747 yard (4.9 YPC) and 97 touchdowns. 

Peterson's rushing total places him No. 16 on the all-time list, and a successful run in New Orleans could see him passing some legendary names. Peterson needs just another 1,937 yards to move up all the way to No. 5, where Ladainian Tomlinson currently resides. 

He is No. 10 all time in rushing touchdowns.