Smoothie King Center Superdome stock

The Smoothie King Center and Superdome are seen from an aerial view in New Orleans, La., Thursday, April 19, 2018.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome and the Smoothie King Center are far from the worst in terms of health code violations among their food vendors. 

But they're also far from the best, according to a recent analysis by ESPN

The New Orleans Pelicans arena ranked 80th of 107 professional stadiums on the list; the Superdome came in bit better at No. 59. 

The analysis, conducted by the program Outside the Lines, was the product of reviewing more than 16,000 safety inspection reports from agencies responsible for monitoring food vendors between 2016 and 2017. 

Arenas were ranked based on the percentage of vendors inspected that were reported with "high-level" violations. 

The Smoothie King Center had a 51.02 percent violation rate -- 25 of 49. Violations included "filthy food," including a rotting box of bananas. 

Another inspection, on April 21, 2016, found "dirty food contact surfaces, roaches, improperly labeled containers, dirty floors and noted other violations."

The Superdome's rate was 38.24 percent -- 13 of 34. One violation included a popcorn stand found with dead bugs, " which hadn't been cleaned since the last event at the stadium." The inspection occurred in June, 2016. 

Both arena's inspection rates fell below the average level of violations for the general area. 

The Spectrum Center in Charlotte, where the Hornets play, came in at the highest with 92 percent of the vendors inspected -- 23 of 25 -- having high-level violations. 

Oracle Arena, the home of the Golden State Warriors, came in at the lowest with a rate of 1.12 percent -- just one out of 89 inspected. 

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