St. Amant to again host 7-on7 state championship football series _lowres

Advocate file photo by SCOTT THRELKELD – Quarterback Lowell Narcisse helped St. James reach the Class 3A state championship game last season.

Narcisse is a senior quarterback at St. James and is considered one of the top quarterbacks in the nation. He is sitting out this season after suffering a knee injury. He is committed to LSU.

How’s your rehab coming along?

It’s coming along pretty good. They are making me do a lot of cross country workouts to try to help me get back in shape.

You went through this same thing last season with your other knee. Do you find rehab to be easier the second time around?

I understand the process more now and what to do and what not to do. So I’d say it’s a little easier.

I know you probably had this upcoming game against Lutcher circled on your calendar. How tough is it having to sit out this season, especially this week?

It’s always tough watching from the sidelines. But you have to try to be that positive influence for the guys and let them know you’re still their No. 1 fan.

What’s it like around school this week since its St. James-Lutcher week?

It’s a lot of trash talking around the community. Lutcher has the right to brag because they beat us twice last year. So all our guys can do is try to go out and get ready for Friday.

Some people thought St. James would struggle after your injury, but first-year coach Robert Valdez has the team off to a 6-0 start. How do you feel like the team is playing?

I think the team is playing together a whole lot more. They leaned on me a lot, but now they are leaning on each other and using all the pieces of the puzzle to put it together.

How has your backup, Demarcus Williams, played so far?

He’s a whole lot more comfortable this year. He has a great group of guys around him, and it takes a lot of pressure off him. He’s like my little brother.

What’s the latest on your recruiting and what did you think about the coaching change at LSU?

I’m still committed. The expectation is high there. They expected a lot. By them not meeting those expectations, they figured they needed someone else to do it.

Q: Last week you were homecoming king and you had 9-year old Blake Brazan (a Vacherie boy battling leukemia) there with you. What did that mean to you?

I met him my sophomore year, and we’ve built a relationship. Just to be able to get him out there and to see him smile means a lot. He’s a guy who fights for his life each and every day, and I’m a guy going through something that takes me six months to heal to get back to myself. And he’s fighting something that is life-threatening. For him to be able to take his mind off that and smile means everything.

— Rod Walker