After going 0-9 in 2012, John Ehret turned its fortunes around by winning back-to-back district championships.

The Patriots rolled through 8-5A in 2014, outscoring their opponents by a combined score of 226-60 (beating opponents by an average of 35.6 points). And that the Patriots would be as successful this season seemed like a foregone conclusion because they return 20 of 22 starters.

But that remains to be seen. The district added two teams, Landry-Walker and East Jefferson, that could pose a threat to Ehret’s newfound dominance.

“(Landry-Walker has) some good skill guys,” said Ehret coach Corey Lambert, whose team played Landry-Walker in 7-on-7 competitions this summer. “Their quarterback (Keytaon Thompson) is very impressive — good thrower, big body. How good their (lines) are, I don’t know. We (weren’t) in pads. But as far as skill-wise, they’re going to have the same type of guys we have.”

Landry-Walker finished in a three-way tie for the District 9-4A championship last season with Karr and Warren Easton. Coach Emmanuel Powell said he, his staff and his players are excited to move up to Class 5A.

The Charging Bucs reached the 4A quarterfinals last season and the semifinals in 2013, and Powell said their goal remains the same: Win the district and compete for the state title.

On one hand, he sees Ehret as “another opponent we have to go through to win the district championship, and I don’t foresee them being any different than anybody else.” On the other hand, Powell knows what his team is up against, and the game — Oct. 9 at Behrman Stadium — is clearly on his mind.

“They bring back eight or nine defensive players, so they’re going to be tough on defense,” Powell said. “Their quarterback, (Caron) Baham, is outstanding. They’re an excellent team when you look them on tape. So I think it’ll be a real game to see in Week 6. You hear a lot of people talking about it right now.”

Ehret boasts Baham, a Missouri commitment, and two returning quality running backs in Juwan Leonard and Byron James running behind a line of returning starters headed by 6-foot-5, 300-pound center Dwayne Fisher, who also is slated to start on defense.

On defense, the Patriots have at least five Division I prospects: outside linebacker Michael Divinity, middle linebacker Dejon Harris, safety Jarius Wallace, defensive end Robert Green and Fisher.

The Charging Buccaneers’ success has been achieved thanks to excellent depth. They have 15 starters back, including nine on offense, and depth will be Landry-Walker’s strength, along with experience.

The district’s coaches said it makes for an interesting race, one that will be more difficult for Ehret to win this time. Chalmette coach Jason Tucker, whose team finished second to Ehret last season, said unseating the Patriots will not be easy for Landry-Walker or any other team.

“What they have coming back, I don’t think you take the crown from them,” Tucker said. “And when you have two guys (Clint Harrison and Darius Franklin) who are former head coaches on staff, it makes your staff even better. Landry-Walker makes it tougher for Ehret to win district, but so does East Jefferson.”

East Jefferson won the Class 4A state title in 2013 and reached the second round of the playoffs last season with a team that lost its coach and many of its star players. In this age of spread offenses, the district’s coaches said it can be difficult to prepare for the Warriors’ option attack.

Lambert said he welcomes the competition.

“I think the additions are great,” he said. “In our district, we need that fire. We need those guys to bring that intensity back to 8-5A to make the district more reputable than it’s been.”


Bonnabel Bruins

Coach: Reggie Rogers

2014: 3-7, 2-3

Last time in playoffs: 2005

Looking back: The Bruins won two more games in 2014 than they did in 2013, and there were more close games.

Moving forward: Rogers has high hopes for the defense, which he said will be fast and physical. He said the offense has enough returnees that it can be expected to make fewer mistakes.

Ask The Advocate: The Bruins may be able to take another step forward, but they are not likely to make a quantum leap.

Projected starters on offense: TE Joe Daniels (6-2, 220, Jr.), *WR Denzel Winzy (5-7, 155, Sr.), WR Justin Johnson (6-2, 170, Sr.), WR Edwin Diaz (6-1, 160, Sr.), *T Ivory Scott (6-3, 325, Jr.), T Arthur Harris (6-1, 235, Jr.), *G Malik Dennis (5-10, 285, Jr.), G Lamont Smith (6-0, 240, Sr.), *C Tyler Giarratano (6-2, 245, Sr.), *QB Semaj Franklin (5-9, 165, Sr.), *RB Maurice Britton (5-8, 165, Jr.).

Projected starters on offense: *DE Devonte Williams (6-1, 240, Sr.), DE Byron Smith (5-10, 200, So.), *DT Ivory Scott Jr. (6-3, 325, Jr.), *DT Malik Lucar (6-0, 250, Fr.), *LB Joe Daniels (6-2, 220, Jr.), LB Brandon Smith (5-10, 180, Sr.), *LB Divante Martin (5-8, 180, Sr.), LB Robert Porter (6-0, 175, Jr.), *CB Taylor Ross (5-9, 155, Sr.), CB Marquel Varnado (6-0, 155, Sr.), FS Trenton Henry (5-10, 155, So.).


Sept. 4 South Lafourche (Bertolino)

Sept. 11 at Fontainebleau

Sept. 18 Ellender (Bertolino)

Sept. 26 West Jefferson (Memtsas)#

Oct. 2 Landry-Walker (Bertolino)#

Oct. 9 Cox (Memtsas)#

Oct. 15 Chalmette (Yenni)#

Oct. 22 Higgins (Memtsas)#

Oct. 29 Ehret (Memtsas)#

Nov. 6 East Jefferson (Yenni)#

Chalmette Owls

Coach: Jason Tucker

2014: 5-5, 4-1

Last playoff appearance: 2010 (lost to West Monroe in first round)

Looking back: The Owls had a lot of tough losses, including 13-10 to Ehret, but Tucker said last year’s players left the team with a great base.

Looking back: The Owls’ coaching staff is hoping this year’s players realize the little things they’ve been preaching make a big difference in games.

Ask The Advocate: Chalmette is known for playing hard, but it has only two returning offensive linemen and lost four of its defensive front seven. That will make it hard to duplicate last year’s showing.

Projected starters on offense: TE Ashton Price (6-1, 245, Jr.), WR Donnell Taplin (5-8, 170, Sr.), *WR Kerry Johnson (6-0, 175, Sr.), *T Jason Tucker (6-3, 265, Sr.), *T Andrew Johnson (5-9, 250, Sr.), G Nick Richard (5-10, 220, So.), G Dave Kirsey (6-1, 240, So.), C Lance Roesch (5-9, 280, Sr.), *QB Dominic Curole (6-0, 180, Sr.), *RB Masen Mitchell (5-10, 190, Sr.), RB Devin Ruiz (5-11, 180, Jr.).

Projected starters on defense: DE Laterrel Hill (6-0, 260, Sr.), *DE Tylan Richard (6-0, 200, Sr.), *DT Tyler Land (6-0, 240, Sr.), DT Hunter Bell (6-3, 230, Jr.), *OLB Michaund Blaise (6-0, 190, So.), OLB Tyrike Scott (6-0, 185, So.), ILB Walter Sterling (5-9, 185, Sr.), ILB Jody Melerine (5-10, 220, Jr.), *CB Kendrick Tenson (5-9, 165, Sr.), CB Corey Groves (6-0, 170, Jr.), *FS Michael Blaise (5-8, 160, Jr.).


Sept. 4 at St. Thomas Aquinas

Sept. 11 Grace King

Sept. 18 Holy Cross

Sept. 25 Landry-Walker#

Oct. 2 East Jefferson (Yenni)#

Oct. 9 West Jefferson#

Oct. 15 Bonnabel (Yenni)#

Oct. 23 Ehret#

Oct. 31 Cox (Memtsas)#

Nov. 5 Higgins (Memtsas)#

Cox Cougars

Coach: Willie Brooks

2014: 1-9, 0-5

Last playoff appearance: 2010

Looking back: The Cougars lost 12 starters to injuries last season, including five with torn ACLs.

Moving forward: Brooks made some coaching changes, the most notable bringing in former Riverdale coach Brett Bonnafons as offensive coordinator, which will let Brooks focus on the defense.

Ask The Advocate: Despite Cox’s record last season, the district’s coaches are wary of the Cougars’ size. But they end the season with East Jefferson, Landry-Walker, Chalmette and John Ehret in succession.

Projected starters on offense: *SE Ja’coby Riley (5-9, 165, Jr.), *SE Jamy’es Davis (5-9, 170, Jr.), *SE E’man Davis (6-0, 170, Sr.), T Ramzey Ahmad (6-3, 275, Sr.), T Tyrique Nickerson (6-1, 255, So.), *G Rojuan Taylor (5-11, 255, Sr.), G Percy Burnside (6-3, 280, So.), C Ronnie Washington (5-10, 280, Fr.), QB Tavis Hart (6-1, 180, So.), *RB Rajean Wright (6-0, 185, Jr.), *RB Jormaine Coleman (5-9, 190, So.).

Projected starters on defense: *DE David Clayton (6-3, 255, Sr.), *DE Abraham Pitts (6-3, 235, Jr.), *NG Arlington Jameson (5-10, 300, Sr.), DT William Romair (6-1, 250, Jr.), *OLB Byron Jenkins (6-2, 210, So.), OLB Janas McCann (6-2, 215, So.), ILB Bobby Davis (5-11, 220, So.), ILB Devin Trahan (5-10, 220, Sr.), CB Renard Leo (6-0, 175, Sr.), CB Marcell Hall (5-10, 175, Sr.), *FS Imiri Porche (5-9, 170, Sr.).


Sept. 4 Riverdale (Yenni)

Sept. 12 McMain (Memtsas)

Sept. 17 Carver (Memtsas)

Sept. 25 Higgins (Memtsas)#

Oct. 2 West Jefferson (Memtsas)#

Oct. 9 Bonnabel (Memtsas)#

Oct. 17 East Jefferson (Memtsas)#

Oct. 22 Landry-Walker (Behrman)#

Oct. 31 Chalmette (Memtsas)#

Nov. 6 Ehret (Memtsas)#

East Jefferson Warriors

Coach: Marc Martin

2014: 8-4, 5-1 in District 8-4A

Last playoff appearance: 2014 (lost to Benton in Class 4A second round)

Looking back: Last season for East Jefferson was productive, coming off winning the 4A state title in 2013 and with a change at coach.

Moving forward: The Warriors have all new starters on the offensive line, and Martin said they will have to rely on the defense until the offense comes around.

Ask The Advocate: East Jeff has only three starters returning on offense, but coordinator Frank Allelo returned from Hahnville, and that should help speed things up. The Warriors likely will be in the thick of things for third place.

Projected starters on offense: *TE Seth McMullen (6-1, 210, Sr.), WR Delren Davis (5-9, 170, Jr.), T Christian Houston (6-4, 260, So.), T Josh Martin (6-0, 260, So.), G Ahmadi Mousa (6-0, 240, Jr.), G Gino Serio (5-9, 230, Sr.), *C Justin Erdal (5-9, 265, Sr.), QB Delvin Davis (5-9, 170, Jr.), RB Zach Wiedo (5-8, 155, So.), *RB Quincy Cummings (6-1, 185, Sr.), RB Malcolm Robinson (5-11, 170, So.).

Projected starters on defense: *DE Taij King (6-5, 220, Sr.), *DE Dejon Severe (6-4, 205, Sr.), *DT Jared Martin (6-0, 240, Sr.), *DT Steven Davis (6-2, 210, Jr.), *LB Quaranti Brooks (6-1, 195, Jr.), *LB Roman Edwards (5-9, 220, Jr.), *LB Demarcus Warner (6-1, 215, Jr.), *LB Dante Celentine (5-8, 165, So.), CB Rashad Johnson (5-10, 160, Sr.), CB Derrick Marshall (5-11, 165, So.), S Terrell Samson (5-9, 160, Jr.).


Sept. 5 Salmen (Yenni)

Sept. 11 Belle Chasse (Yenni)

Sept. 18 at Fontainebleau

Sept. 25 Ehret (Yenni)#

Oct. 2 Chalmette (Yenni)#

Oct. 8 Higgins (Memtsas)#

Oct. 17 Cox (Memtsas)#

Oct. 23 West Jefferson (Memtsas)#

Oct. 30 Landry-Walker (Yenni)#

Nov. 6 Bonnabel (Yenni)#

Ehret Patriots

Coach: Corey Lambert

2014: 9-2, 5-0

Last playoff appearance: 2014 (lost to East St. John in first round)

Looking back: The Patriots ripped through the district by an average of 35.6 points with a team of mostly juniors and sophomores.

Moving forward: As good as it was last season, Ehret may have to be better now that Landry-Walker has moved into the district. The early playoff loss has remained with a team expected to advance farther.

Ask The Advocate: A defense led by Division I prospects Michael Divinity, Robert Green, Dwayne Fisher, Dejon Harris and Jarius Wallace will make it difficult for opponents to score. That and QB Caron Baham returning should give Ehret a legit shot at a third straight district crown.

Projected starters on offense: WR Paris Addison (5-10, 180, Sr.), *WR Tyron Williams (5-11, 185, Sr.), *WR Donte Green (5-11, 180, Sr.), T James Cleveland (6-2, 260, Sr.), *T Wayne Dalsan (6-2, 265, Jr.), *G Juan Perez (6-0, 260, Jr.), *G Dwayne Fisher (6-5, 300, Jr.), *C Cherad Bienemy (6-2, 270, Jr.), *QB Caron Baham (6-1, 190, Sr.), *RB Juwan Leonard (5-10, 195, Sr.), *RB Byron James (5-11, 185, Jr.).

Projected starters on defense: *DE Robert Green (6-1, 228, Sr.), *DE Kerry Starks (6-2, 220, Sr.), *DT Dwayne Fisher (6-5, 300, Jr.), *OLB Michael Divinity (6-3, 220, Sr.), *OLB Rashaun Acker (6-0, 185, Jr.), *ILB Dejon Harris (6-2, 240, Sr.), *ILB Anthony Hamilton (6-0, 210, Jr.), *CB Terrel Bailey (6-0, 180, Jr.), CB Shyheim Gullage (6-1, 175, Sr.), SS Darrius Campbell (5-10, 180, Jr.), *FS Jarius Wallace (6-1, 180, Sr.).


Sept. 4 Riverside (Memtsas)

Sept. 10 East St. John (Memtsas)

Sept. 18 at Destrehan

Sept. 25 East Jefferson (Yenni)#

Oct. 1 Higgins (Memtsas)#

Oct. 9 Landry-Walker (Behrman)#

Oct. 16 West Jefferson (Memtsas)#

Oct. 23 at Chalmette#

Oct. 29 Bonnabel (Memtsas)#

Nov. 6 Cox (Memtsas)#

Grace King Fighting Irish

Coach: Larry Lala

2014: 4-6

Last playoff appearance: n/a

Looking back: Lala said Grace King, which didn’t compete for district honors, played hard last season and didn’t quit in some difficult situations.

Moving forward: Lala is hoping the Irish will be more competitive because of the experience of six returning starters on offense and six on defense.

Ask The Advocate: Lala is Grace King’s fourth coach in four seasons.

Projected starters on offense: TE Ashton Reid (6-0, 210, Jr.), WR Jay Singh (5-10, 160, Sr.), T Jonathan Chopin (6-1, 330, Sr.), *T Glenwood Hunter (6-0, 255, Jr.), *G Dakota Stein (5-5, 210, Jr.), *G Dylan Lobrano (5-9, 240, Sr.), C Collin Richard (5-11, 200, Jr.), *QB Anthony Marino (5-9, 160, Jr.), *RB Derrick Friloux (5-6, 165, Jr.), *RB Russell Kelly (5-10, 145, Sr.), FB Troy Doane (5-8, 180, Sr.).

Projected starters on defense: DE Isaiah Reff (6-0, 210, Sr.), *DE Ashton Reid (6-0, 210, Jr.), *DT Jonathan Chopin (6-1, 330, Sr.), *DT Eddie Mamon (5-10, 185, Sr.), ILB Troy Doane (5-8, 180, Sr.), ILB Brandon Morrison (6-0, 160, So.), *OLB August Williams (5-8, 155, Jr.), *OLB Matthew Labatut (5-7, 150, So.), *CB Russell Kelly (5-10, 145, Sr.), CB Jomo Smith (6-0, 150, Jr.), S J’uan Keller (5-5, 120, So.).


Sept. 3 West Jefferson (Memtsas)

Sept. 11 at Chalmette

Sept. 18 Riverdale (Yenni)

Sept. 24 Thomas Jefferson (Memtsas)

Oct. 2 at Fisher

Oct. 9 at Albany

Oct. 16 at Independence

Oct. 22 Ben Franklin (Yenni)

Higgins Hurricanes

Coach: Craig Laborde

2014: 2-8, 1-4

Last playoff appearance: 2011

Looking back: Laborde said the Hurricanes were in close games, but “our kids shut down when adversity hit.”

Moving forward: Higgins played a lot of young players, and Laborde said he expects them to step up this season.

Ask The Advocate: Higgins has nine players returning on defense but will be hard-pressed to compete. Other schools raiding the Hurricanes’ area for talent is a problem.

Projected starters on offense: WR Darius Dalio (6-0, 180, Sr.), WR Keith Varmall (5-6, 150, Jr.), WR Lavar Gumms (6-1, 175, So.), *WB Jordan Joseph (5-8, 165, Sr.), T Jahmikeal Lomax (6-2, 240, Jr.), T Darrell Jordan (6-4, 245, Sr.), G LaMarc Thomas (5-9, 265, Jr.), G Tokada Anthony (6-0, 260, Sr.), C Ashaud Lampton (5-10, 200, So.), *QB Daniel White (5-7, 145, Jr.), RB Lorenzo Loston (5-11, 200, Jr.).

Projected starters on defense: *DE Rayshad Nichols (6-4, 270, Sr.), *DE Will Bailey (6-1, 260, Jr.), *NG Khedric Motten (5-11, 255, Jr.), OLB Davante Lagarde (5-11, 190, Jr.), *OLB Craig Burns (6-3, 175, Sr.), *ILB John McDonald (5-10, 180, Jr.), *ILB Carlos Vargas (5-9, 190, Sr.), *CB Alex Smith (6-0, 180, Sr.), *CB Webster Garrison (5-10, 165, Sr.), *SS Jordan Joseph (5-8, 165, Sr.), FS Lavar Gumms (6-1, 175, So.).


Sept. 4 at Port Allen

Sept. 11 at St. Amant

Sept. 17 McDonogh 35 (Pan American)

Sept. 25 Cox (Memtsas)#

Oct. 1 Ehret (Memtsas)#

Oct. 8 East Jefferson (Memtsas)#

Oct. 16 Landry-Walker (Behrman)#

Oct. 22 Bonnabel (Memtsas)#

Oct. 30 West Jefferson (Memtsas)#

Nov. 5 Chalmette (Memtsas)#

Landry-Walker Charging Buccaneers

Coach: Emmanuel Powell

2014: 11-3, 4-1 in District 8-4A

Last playoff appearance: 2014 (lost to Franklinton in 4A quarterfinals)

Looking back: Powell said Landry-Walker, which finished in a three-way tie for the 8-4A title last season, moved the ball well but didn’t do well in the red zone, and the defense also struggled inside the 20.

Moving forward: Powell wants to win the district, but the Charging Buccaneers’ focus is playoff power points derived from their difficult schedule. Landry-Walker’s predistrict schedule: John Curtis, Karr and St. Augustine.

Ask The Advocate: With the rest of 8-5A rebuilding, the district championship will come down to Oct. 9 at Behrman Stadium, when the Bucs host John Ehret. Landry-Walker has depth and experience and has reached the Class 4A semifinals and quarterfinals the past two seasons.

Projected starters on offense: *WR/TE Devonta Jason (6-4, 195, So.), *WR Khalil Williams (5-11, 185, Sr.), *WR Tevin Bush (5-8, 175, Jr.), *WR Kaleb Anderson (5-10, 180, Sr.), *T Corey Harden (6-4, 275, Sr.), T Ahmad Anderson (6-1, 265, Jr.), OG Timothy Washington (5-11, 350, Sr.), G Antonio Green (5-10, 250, Jr.), *C Anun Bennett (5-9, 220, So.), QB Keytaon Thompson (6-4, 210, Jr.), RB Malik Arnold (6-0, 200, Sr.).

Projected starters on defense: DE Kenneth Harden (6-2, 210, Jr.), DE Mitchell Gordon (6-0, 195, Jr.), *DT Muhammad Jefferson (6-3, 270, Sr.), *DT Allen Boyd (6-2, 280, Sr.), *LB Jacoby Hampton (5-11, 190, Sr.), LB Ernest Simon (5-11, 190, So.), *CB Coroine Harris (6-2, 185, So.), CB Melvin Johnson (5-10, 175, Sr.), *SS Ashton Bowie (5-11, 170, Jr.), SS Rashard Matthews (5-10, 175, Sr.), *FS Mike Lee (5-10, 180, Jr.).


Sept. 4 John Curtis (Behrman)

Sept. 11 Karr (Behrman)

Sept. 18 St. Augustine (Gormley)

Sept. 25 at Chalmette#

Oct. 2 Bonnabel (Yenni)#

Oct. 9 Ehret (Behrman)#

Oct. 16 Higgins (Behrman)#

Oct. 22 Cox (Behrman)#

Oct. 30 East Jefferson (Yenni)#

Nov. 6 West Jefferson (Behrman)#

West Jefferson Buccaneers

Coach: Cyril Crutchfield

2014: 4-6, 3-2

Last playoff appearance: 2013 (lost to New Iberia in first round)

Looking back: West Jefferson had to adjust to a new coach, Kevin Fox, and it took the Buccaneers a while to get in sync.

Moving forward: Crutchfield, the third coach in three seasons, said the emphasis will be for the Buccaneers to do the little things right and put themselves in position to make plays.

Ask The Advocate: Crutchfield said he expects West Jeff to make the playoffs, but the additions of Landry-Walker and East Jefferson make the district more difficult, and the Bucs have just eight starters returning.

Projected starters on offense: *TE Damian DeGruy (6-3, 225, Jr.), WR Tim Kent (5-10, 170, Sr.), WR Tyrique Napoleon (5-8, 170, Jr.), WR Jordan Jones (5-10, 190, Sr.), *T Mikhail Hill (6-4, 290, Jr.), T Joe Barbie (6-1, 245, So.), G Bernard Garlik (6-1, 245, So.), G Duane White (5-10, 245, Sr.), C Kanny Mytil (5-11, 220, Sr.), *QB Coley Ransaw (6-4, 195, Sr.), *RB David Carter (5-11, 195, Sr.).

Projected starters on defense: *DE Traunte Kent (6-1, 200, Sr.), DE Charles Hayward (6-2, 215, So.), *DT Zach Bartholomew (5-10, 230, Sr.), DT Don Bien-aime (5-10, 230, Jr.), LB Dejon James (5-11, 215, Jr.), LB Jamil Broussard (6-0, 190, Sr.), *LB Blake Gray (5-11, 180, Sr.), CB Tremone Perry (5-9, 165, Sr.), CB Lorenz Foster (5-10, 180, Sr.), *SS Dejon Thompson (5-10, 175, Sr.), *FS Shakur Nichols (6-1, 185, Sr.).


Sept. 3 Grace King (Memtsas)

Sept. 11 at Lutcher

Sept. 18 Shaw (Memtsas)

Sept. 25 Bonnabel (Memtsas)#

Oct. 2 Cox (Memtsas)#

Oct. 9 at Chalmette#

Oct. 16 Ehret (Memtsas)#

Oct. 23 East Jefferson (Memtsas)#

Oct. 30 Higgins (Memtsas)#

Nov. 6 Landry-Walker (Behrman)#

* — returning starter; # — district game