LAFAYETTE — Vermilion Catholic quarterback Hunter Frith had never thrown a football in his life before the 2014 football season.

In fact, the decision between Frith and Tyler Derouen was a tough one for Eagles coach Russell Kuhns and his staff to make. After Frith’s 246-yard, three-touchdown effort in VC’s 48-7 win over Lafayette Christian on Friday, it appears the right decision was made.

“Hunter is doing a tremendous job,” Kuhns said. “He is four games into it and he is getting better every week. He didn’t even really know how to throw the ball right before the season. He is used to throwing a baseball, and there is different mechanics throwing a football. His attitude and his acceptance of the role has been great and we couldn’t be more proud of him.”

Derouen isn’t exactly lacking in offensive production. The junior caught five balls for 151 yards and three touchdowns Friday. He said the chemistry between he and Frith is coming together after a tough start to the season.

“In Week 1 and 2, it was rough,” Derouen said. “As the weeks have progressed, (Frith) is learning to be a quarterback and we have been playing together forever, so we have that chemistry already.”

After a penalty negated a big gain for the Eagles on their opening drive, they found themselves pushed back to their own 13 yard-line.

The Eagles fired right back on the next play, an 87-yard touchdown from Frith to Derouen.

Kuhns said it was nice to see the team bounce back after the mental error and jump out to a quick lead.

“We tried to screw it up a couple times, but it was important to get out early,” Kuhns said. “We had those obstacles and overcame them. We could have hung our head, but we just had a big gain called back, we come back and have another big gain. That is the character of the kids I’m looking for and we are starting to get confidence in this unit.”

For LCA, not all was negative. The Knights rushed for more than 200 yards against the defending state champions — that with a hobbled offensive line that was without senior Josh Brister. LCA coach Derek Landry said it was mostly mental errors that separated the two teams.

“I told the team it was going to come down to the team that was mentally more focused and obviously VC was tonight,” Landry said. “We are there, we just have to erase the mental errors.

“It’s tough cause we are like a walking triage right now. We have a bunch of young kids that probably shouldn’t be playing. Minus the score, I think the kids got a little faith in themselves. Last I checked they are the defending state champs and we played them a lot better than we did last year.”

Derouen also threw a touchdown pass, a 4-yard pass to Peyton Theriot. He said he didn’t think he would get the chance to do that all year, but said the right decision was made making Frith the starter.

“We are improving, but we have a lot more to go,” Derouen said.

“By the end of the season, we will be a lot better than tonight.”