Divisions I-II

1. St. Joseph’s Academy (41-2): The Redstickers are the top seed in Division I and easily the leader of the pack in Baton Rouge for all divisions.

2. St. Amant (29-11): The Gators claimed a No. 4 playoff seed in Division I and have proven their elite status again.

3. Dutchtown (25-16): A No. 11 playoff seed in Division I is proof that a tough schedule can pay off.

4. St. Michael the Archangel (24-13) and Central (22-11): These two Division II teams split their district games and are seeded comparably. All that’s needed now is a breakthrough playoff victory.

Divisions III and below

1. University (30-11): The Division IV Cubs have absorbed a few losses, but also have some nice wins to go with that tough schedule.

2. Parkview Baptist (29-9): The Eagles started strong and will be looking to prove something as the No. 4 seed in Division III.

3. Episcopal (23-11): The Knights’ resurgence is a key story in BR volleyball this season. It will be interesting to see how far the Knights go in Division IV.

4. St. John (30-9), Ascension Catholic (20-16), Catholic-PC (16-20) and Dunham (17-20): Ascension Catholic won the district playoff with St. John and Catholic-PC. Dunham won its Division V league, and among this Division V trio, all are seeded in the top 10. Confusing? Yes, but there are lots of playoff possibilities.