Caddo Parish schools get reprieve, will not receive playoff bans _lowres


Live updates as the LHSAA area meeting in Baton Rouge continues

Bonnaffee points out that the LHSAA building will have to be refinanced later this summer. Crowd gives Bonine a round of applause.

Bonine says he toured the LHSAA building for first time Wednesday night. Says he communicated with family by face time, text, cell while he’s in Louisiana.

Bonine shares that his wife is a teacher and his two sons play three sports each. “We are going to live in BR and make sure we put our precious commodity in the best academic high school we can find. That will not change my views or opinions. I can separate personal from professional.”

Bonine again notes that he is not in favor of pushing something through. “It’s about where you want to go and how you want to get there.” Notes that he’d rather work on a more permanent solution people can live with.

Notes Monday meeting with legislators. “I want you to know we don’t need them (legislators) in our business. I want them to tell me what the problem is and compare that to what I’ve already hard.”

Bonine: “I want to get to the point that I know where the problems are. How did we get here?” Notes that he has binders that designate goals for first 90 days and 120 days.

Bonine: “You have a passion and I have a passion to lead the state the same way.”

Bonine says, “The LHSAA ... we’re in this together. We’re the LHSAA and we’re only as good as all of you out there who are adhering to the rules.” Notes that other area meetings have heard the same words.

Bonine, “I truly believe the front porch of your house is the athletic department. If your front porch is in disarray then the perception is that the rest is too.”

Bonine notes that he is an educator and a teacher first. Notes his background as a teacher/coach and administrator. He tells principals he couldn’t do what they do now as principals, noting push for accountability. Says “Things and times have changed. It’s nationwide.”

“The Athletic Directors you do a great job. No one understands how good a job you do until something goes wrong. But I do.”

“This is an educator’s association,” Bonine. He champions AD certification program as he has at other area meetings.

Bonine begins his address at 9:53 a.m.

Anderson reviews Booker’s proposal for softball, noting that there would be logistical problems doing it because of contract with Sulphur.

Anderson reviews the School Relations Committee proposal for select/nonselect schools that would reunite 5A and 4A schools but leave select/nonselect for 3A and below. Lutcher AD Tim Detillier explains Football Coaches Association that would bring seven football classes. It would be a substitute motion for SRC plan. Anderson says SRC could pull proposal to give Bonine “a clean shot” at working with issues LHSAA has.

Anderson moves on to the first of proposals by Many’s Norman Booker III that would expand select/nonselect split to baseball, basketball and softball. Doyle Principal Tommy Hodges says Booker pasted the football rule and applied it to others. Hodges says Booker would appreciate support.

This is Jimmy Anderson taking

I think we need to give Mr. Bonine a chance to get his feet on the ground before we start dividing sports. Let’s get football right first and then see what happens with the other sports.

People say it’s just rhetoic, but it’s not. We’re going to have some feedback on this. Sponsors have language in their contracts about this. Legislators are watching this. This is not the executive director talking its Jimmy Anderson.

Catholic AD J.P. Kelly explains that his school’s proposal that would take away the assignment of all basketball playoff officials from the LHSAA in early rounds. Kelly says the proposal put up by Catholic came from the basketball coaches association. LHSAA Assistant Executive Director Keith Alexander explains that LHSAA assignment helps make sure better officals are used for all games.

Doyle Principal Tommy Hodges speaks up in favor of giving basketball officials the pay raise that is proposed. No other discussion on what was a hot-button topic just a couple of years ago.

Interim Executive Director Jimmy Anderson has begun agenda review.

Crowd on hand is for far very low key with specific questions that are on point to issues.

AD Tim Detillier of Lutcher asks would class meeting schools should attend since they don’t know if

their classification might change. Anderson tells him schools should attend meeting for the class they’re in now.

Episcopal AD Myra Mansur speaks on administrative proposal by her school saying it would be the private school version of the administrative transfer rule that would allow students to change schools if both schools agree to transfer.

Now discussing Todd Guice, Ricky Durrett and Mickey Merritt proposal to reunite select/nonselect schools. This one would create a 6A for 32 largest schools and any opting to play up.

Anderson notes that the LHSAA still needs a legal opinion on proposal that would take schools out of the playoffs the year after they are involved in litigation against the LHSAA.

Episcopal’s Mansur asked about possible changes to multiplier to determine private school classification. She says it would put Episcopal in 4A. Anderson tells her the authors are OK with amending the multiplier.