Pelicans Team President Dennis Lauscha, left, and owner Gayle Benson, right, hold a jersey in front of David Griffin, the new executive vice president of basketball operations. The team introduced Griffin at the Pelicans Training Facility in Metairie on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

You need good luck to win any lottery right? 

David Griffin, Alvin Gentry and the New Orleans Pelicans surely think so.

The team's new executive vice president of basketball operations, along with New Orleans' head coach, had a few good-luck charms in tow in Chicago for the NBA draft lottery Tuesday night.

Griffin told reporters he got a tie from a former executive with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jeff Cohen, who had worn that tie when Cleveland won three draft lotteries.

Gentry wore the tie.

And Griffin had another good-luck charm too, though.

A fan won the team's pre-draft "Lucky Charm sweepstakes" with her lucky wooden angel.

Griffin brought it with him to the lottery at the Hilton Chicago, referencing how he won the 2014 NBA draft lottery with his grandmother's pin as his "angel on (his) shoulder."

New Orleans had a 6% chance to score the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

The last time New Orleans won the draft lottery came in 2012 when the team took Anthony Davis No. 1 overall.