The Saints can’t be trusted. Hope was bottled, served and consumed after Dennis Allen presided over a few promising defensive performances. It seems foolish now, looking back, that those games were bought into. The Saints have made a habit of looking good for a game or two here and there over the past two seasons, and then regressing back to the mean. And the mean has been, well, mean. That happened again on Monday night. This team can’t be saved by scheme or anything else. The only thing that can cure the woes here is talent, and there isn’t enough of that right now.


The Saints are basically playing for pride and opportunities to build confidence at this point. When looking at things through that lens, maybe the way this team fought back from a deep hole and made it a game is something this group can hang its hat on. No, judging success this way is not something this team should get used to or even be OK with, but maybe that’s the way it is right now. The Saints aren’t very good. The roster is populated with young players, and the playoffs are out of reach. If it’s about character building, New Orleans showed something by not laying down when all looked lost.


The NFL needs to do something about it’s officiating. The fact that the Lions were able to get an official to whistle a play dead at the end of the first half after they had used all their timeouts is a bad look. It’s too simplistic to blame the officials for the loss. New Orleans should have performed better and done enough to not end up in a position where the officials could decide the outcome of the game, but you also don’t want to be able to look back and wonder how things might have turned out differently if a whistle hadn’t been blown.

— Nick Underhill