The Saints brought in a very special inspirational speaker on Saturday. 

Lawrence Brooks, a 108-year-old veteran of World War II, spoke to the Saints at the team facility.

"Outstanding, what is amazing is his health," Payton said. "It was a great visit Saturday. ... We always have some different people visit on Saturdays. This one was special."

November is the NFL's Salute to Service month, and the Saints offered several nods to troops on Sunday, including orchestrating a chance for Air Force serviceman Jason Augustus to come home and surprise his family.

Brooks, who is from New Orleans, was honored on the field at the Superdome during the first half of Sunday's game. 

The Saints, in turn, gave him a jersey with the number 108 embroidered on it. 

"He talked a little about how they kept ice cold before there was refrigeration," Payton said. "And he shared some stories with the guys individually."

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