New Orleans Saints wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) puts his helmet back on after stretching during practice at the Saints Practice Facility in Metairie, Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018.

What brought Dez Bryant to the New Orleans Saints?

To hear it from the former all-pro wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys himself, it was the Saints' "outstanding" coach and a chance at playing for a Super Bowl.

Bryant spoke with media for the first time since signing with the Saints Wednesday following his first practice at the team's training facility in Metairie, Thursday. 

In a short clip, Bryant gushed about the confidence Coach Sean Payton already has for him being able to contribute immediately on third down and red zone situations for the Saints.

"I think it's whatever coach sees" Bryant said answering a reporter's question in the team locker room. "Coach believes in me, I'm there. He'll put that confidence in me. That's one thing I love about him." 

Bryant also commented on the Saints' chances of competing for a Super Bowl factoring into his decision, but was mum on declaring any guaranteed win to keep from "jinxing it." 

"It's crazy that I'm here with the Saints just because I had them predicted to win the Super Bowl last year," he said. "I'm going to keep my thoughts to myself right now just because I'm here and I don't want to jinx something."

You can watch a clip of Bryant's interview below.

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