New Orleans Saints veteran quarterback Drew Brees was absent from team practices Tuesday.

While head coach Sean Payton didn't give a reason for Brees' absence, Mike Triplett of ESPN reported Brees was attending a trial in San Diego, which starts this week.

Last year, Brees filed a lawsuit against a California jeweler saying that they were defrauded of millions.

Brees is accusing the jeweler he met early in his NFL career of conning him out of $9 million over the years by badly overcharging him for diamonds. 

"From 2010 to 2016, Moradi advised (my wife and I) to allocate funds into an alternative asset class of investment grade diamonds and told us that he would use his connections and expertise to acquire them on our behalf at or below market value," Brees said in a 2018 statement to TMZ.

"In an effort to diversify our investment portfolio, we trusted Moradi and invested. Moradi assured us he was being compensated by the sellers for any investment grade diamonds he acquired on our behalf."

In 2017, the Breeses' hired an independent appraiser evaluate their investment diamonds. The investor told them they paid $9 million more than the diamonds were actually worth, according to the lawsuit. The expert said an $8.2 million ring was worth about $3.6 million.

It's unclear when Brees will return to the team.

Backup Teddy Bridgewater took first team reps during practice Tuesday.