1 What we learned

C.J. Spiller is a player. He was frustratingly silent for most of the game outside of a stretch during the third quarter, but he earned his keep by shaking loose for an 80-yard touchdown during overtime to give the Saints their first victory of the season. There are going to be things the coaching staff likes about this performance and things that are likely to upset them. What matters is the Saints have their first victory of the season. The missed kicks, penalties and other letdowns can wait. New Orleans had to start somewhere.

2 Trending now

Does Drew Brees’ health bear monitoring? He played well Sunday — well enough that he shouldn’t be questioned — but it was hard not to notice there was a vertical element missing from the offense and the quarterback appeared to be throwing with altered mechanics at times. He showed, however, that he can still dial back and let them when he needs to on an ill-fated fourth-quarter drive that resulted in a missed field goal. Overall, he showed his arm is good enough to get the job. The question is how or if it impacts him at all moving forward.

3 Final thoughts

Zach Hocker better hope Sean Payton is in a forgiving mood this week. The Saints coach doesn’t have a ton of tolerance for kickers who are unreliable. Hocker missing a game-winning kick with seconds to go in the fourth quarter could be viewed as unreliable. It wouldn’t be a shock if the Saints take a look at some kickers this week. Not getting points there is a tough pill to swallow — especially after Brees led a terrific drive that would have saved the day after the defense allowed a touchdown with less than two minutes remaining.

— Nick Underhill