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The New Orleans Saints have reportedly decided to finish out their third year in West Virginia, according to Pro Football Talk.

New Orleans has held the first three weeks of training camp at the West Virginia facility in each of the past two seasons, in part because of the perfect, 70-degree weather in the Allegheny Mountains.

Back in his postseason press conference, Saints general managerMickey Loomis hinted that a return to the Greenbrier wasn’t set in stone.

Fox Sports’ Alex Marvez reported early Wednesday that the Saints were considering holding training camp in New Orleans instead of going back to the Greenbrier in West Virginia.

“That will all be part of the discussion in-house here,” Loomis said in January. “That’s one of the topics. It is no different than some of the other ones that we’ve got, in terms of players and such. We’ll discuss that.”

By holding training camp at the team’s facility in Metairie, the Saints would likely have a much bigger fan base at training camp practices.

“I think we do a great job of connecting with the fans here, and I think that is as much because of the fans and their interest level and the history that the Saints have with the fans here in New Orleans and in Louisiana as it does with us,” Loomis said.

Of course, West Virginia offers weather conditions that can help the Saints avoid the kind of pulled muscles that plague other teams during training camps.

“My philosophy is that every so often you need to do something different to change it up,” Loomis said in January. “You have to pay attention to the technology that you have available at your facility that you don’t have available on the road, or that is difficult to duplicate on the road. There are a lot of factors there – the weather and how does that impact the physical health of your team.”