1. HOUSTON (11-1)

Last week: 1st

Let’s see what they have against Patriots on the road.

2. ATLANTA (11-1)

Last week: 2nd

They shouldn’t have trouble with the woeful Panthers.

3. NEW ENGLAND (9-3)

Last week: 4th

Can they make a statement against confident Texans?

4. DENVER (10-3)

Last week: 6th

They’re on some kind of a roll after a slow 2-3 start.

5. SAN FRANCISCO (8-3-1)

Last week: 3rd

At least they don’t have to play the Rams anymore.

6. BALTIMORE (9-3)

Last week: 5th

Setback to the Steelers at home was head-scratcher.

7. GREEN BAY (8-4)

Last week: 8th

They had a big bounce-back win after loss to Giants.


Last week: 10th

Don’t tell ’em they’re supposed to be 2-10 right now.

9. CHICAGO (8-4)

Last week: 7th

Loss to the Seahawks could be one they’ll regret later.

10. PITTSBURGH (7-5)

Last week: 11th

You should never count them out even with No. 3 QB.

11. CINCINNATI (7-5)

Last week: 12th

They could make some noise in the final four games.

12. SEATTLE (7-5)

Last week: 13th

That was a clutch, gutsy road win against the Bears.

13. N.Y. GIANTS (7-5)

Last week: 9th

They can’t afford to slip up after losing three of four.

14. WASHINGTON (6-6)

Last week: 16th

After beating the Giants, they want NFC East title.

15. DALLAS (6-6)

Last week: 18th

Like the ’Skins, they think they’re still in title hunt.

16. MINNESOTA (6-6)

Last week: 14th

They’re on verge of completely wasting a 4-1 start.


17. Tampa Bay (6-6) Last week: 15th

18. St. Louis (5-6-1) Last week: 22nd

19. Miami (5-7) Last week: 17th

20. New Orleans (5-7) Last week: 20th

21. Detroit (4-8) Last week: 19th

22. Buffalo (5-7) Last week: 25th

23. N.Y. Jets (5-7) Last week: 26th

24. San Diego (4-8) Last week: 21st

25. Arizona (4-8) Last week: 23rd

26. Tennessee (4-8) Last week: 24th

27. Cleveland (4-8) Last week: 29th

28. Carolina (3-9) Last week: 27th

29. Philadelphia (3-9) Last week: 28th

30. Kansas City (2-10) Last week: 32nd

31. Oakland (3-10) Last week: 31st

32. Jacksonville (2-10) Last week: 30th


Houston (11-1) at New England (9-3)

7:30 p.m. Monday, (ESPN)

This matchup of high-powered offenses could be a sneak preview of the AFC title game. While both teams should be able to pile up yards and points, the question is which defense will make more plays against Tom Brady and Matt Schaub.


Saints (+5) over Giants

Ravens (+21/2) over Redskins

Browns (-61/2) over Chiefs

Steelers (-7) over Chargers

Colts (-51/2) over Titans

Jets (-21/2) over Jaguars

Vikings (+3) over Bears

Falcons (-31/2) over Panthers

Eagles (+71/2) over Bucs

Rams (+3) over Bills

Bengals (-3) over Cowboys

Dolphins (+10) over 49ers

Seahawks (-101/2) over Cardinals

Packers (-7) over Lions

Patriots (-31/2) over Texans

Last week: 6-9-0 (.400)

Season totals: 85-88-4 (.492)


Sunday’s games

Noon: Cowboys at Bengals (Fox)

Noon: Chargers at Steelers (CBS)

3:25 p.m.: Saints at Giants (Fox)

7:20 p.m.: Lions at Packers (NBC)

Monday’s game

7:30 p.m.: Texans at Patriots (ESPN)

Sheldon Mickles