New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) greets New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) at the end the 36-20 victory by the Patriots in a NFL (National Football League) game at the Superdome in New Orleans, La. Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017.

They are two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, G.O.A.T.s according to their respective fan bases in New Orleans and New England.

They are two victories away from playing against each other on the biggest stage of all.

But first, they'll have to win Sunday and then again the following Sunday in their respective conference championship games to meet in Super Bowl LIII.

Tom Brady leads his New England Patriots against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, followed by Drew Brees and the Saints hosting the Philadelphia Eagles.

Collectively, Brees and Brady have thrown 1,037 touchdowns: 520 for Brees and 517 for Brady.

But even more impressive than the numbers on their stat sheet is another number.

Brady is 41. Brees is 39 and turns 40 Tuesday.

"It's phenomenal," said Charles Davis, a TV analyst for FOX. "They have so many similarities that we could go on all day about them, starting with people doubting them coming out of school. They both have such a love for the game. They have such a thirst for how they can get better and improve and that's why they are still successful."

Davis, who started as an analyst for FOX in 2006, will call his first playoff game Sunday when he is in the booth for the Saints-Eagles game.

It'll be the 14th playoff game for Brees, starting shortly after Brady concludes his 38th playoff game.

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There's really not much left for either one of the future first ballot Hall of Famers to prove. They own many of the NFL passing records and both have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. Brady has won five Super Bowls and Brees one.

"They all know when it's time," Davis said. "But it's how long do you want to keep pushing back against it. Guys know what the signs are and they know when things feel different. But they also know how to adapt. I guarantee in a honest moment that Drew or Tom would tell you, 'Hey, I don't do these five things as well as I used to, but this is how I compensate it. When you can no longer compensate well enough against your deficiencies, that's when you truly know it's time."

But Davis said that time hasn't come yet for No. 9 or No. 12.

"I don't see when that day is," Davis said. "You watch both of them play and you say , 'Yep, they still got it.' "

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