Report: Drew Brees needs to take a 'pay cut' on cap hit to remain with Saints _lowres



Drew Brees spent the week repeatedly rebuffing any speculation that he will play somewhere other than New Orleans in the strongest terms he can muster.

But the reports continue to percolate.

The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Sunday that Brees must take a “pay cut” to lessen his cap hit of $30 million.

A pay cut would likely come in the form of an extension that would lessen the hit by spreading it out over the rest of his contract.

Brees declined to discuss his contract earlier this week, saying that any details of talks would be between Brees, his agent (Tom Condon) and Mickey Loomis, and that he wouldn’t talk about it with the media until something changed.

But Brees has strongly tried to refute talk that he won’t be a Saint next season.

“I find it pretty funny,” Brees said Wednesday. “I mean, I think I have been traded to no less than four other teams. I mean there were talks throughout the offseason, obviously there have been a few mentioned during this season. I’m sure there will be a few more in the month of January. I chuckle and wonder where they come from. I wonder how some people in this industry have a job. Reporting some of the stuff that they report with their sources or their cousin or whoever they are talking to to get their information.”