Former New Orleans Saints and Tulane defensive end Royce LaFrance is flying out to meet with Canadian Football League's Saskatchewan Rough Riders on Saturday, a source told The Advocate on Friday morning.

LaFrance played well in his second minicamp with the Saints.

It was his fourth time being called by the Saints after finishing up at Tulane in 2015 with the third-most sacks in school history.

He was with the Saints for rookie camp and minicamp last year. Then the team brought him back in October on the practice squad, then let him go, then signed him again in January. The team will likely bring him back for training camp.

"It's real special," LaFrance said at the time. "It's like a dream come true. But I have to keep going until I get where I want to get. You have to always be reedy because you know this chance can be gone quick. So I always stay ready. I just always stay ready, waiting for my name to be called."