Punt returns have been a problem for the New Orleans Saints twice in the past three weeks.

Veteran Ted Ginn Jr., an experienced return man who has returned 252 punts in his career, muffed two punts on a rainy day in Green Bay and muffed another one on Sunday. Ginn picked up two of those drops himself, and a penalty nullified the other one.

But the Saints also got a look at how costly a drop can be when Willie Snead's muffed return led to Tampa Bay's only touchdown on Sunday. With so many punts hitting the ground, New Orleans will take a hard look at the punt returner job this week.

"When we're faced with a situation where a team's punting in, where normally it's a fair catch or let it bounce decision, we've got to be able to catch that ball 100 percent of the time," Payton said. "We'll find someone that can."

Payton wasn't sure if that player is currently on the roster, given the recent mistakes in the return game. 

"If I had him, and I knew he could, I'd have put him out there," Payton said. "I feel like Snead, and I feel like Ginn can do that, but we've got to know it. We got away with one at Green Bay, and now yesterday, obviously we've got to do a better job coaching it."

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