NFL Division Champs 2002-2018 graphic

Who has won the most NFL Division Championships? Which Division has the most parity? This graphic shows each division champ since 2002, the last time the NFL realigned divisions.

Each season, eight teams are guaranteed a spot in the NFL Playoffs if they can win their division. 

The New England Patriots dominate the number of division titles with 15. The Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts are tied for 2nd with 9 titles.

The most diverse division is the NFC South with each of the four teams having won 3 or more titles since 2002 and no team having won more than 5 titles: New Orleans Saints 5, Carolina Panthers 5, Atlanta Falcons 4, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3

Only three teams have not won their division since 2002, the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns. If the Jacksonville Jaguars had not won the AFC South in 2017, they too would have been in that number. Oakland Raiders also have only one division title, won in 2002.

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